Pat Watkins "PI" On Hawkins

I'm sorry, but where in the hell was the PI? Not only did another dim CFL ref make some phantom call on PI. The CFL command center, in all of its half-wit glory confirms PI. Last time I checked the DB has a right to his own space. The receiver doesn't own the space the DB is traveling to. What Watkins did was a well known tactic of "boxing out" a receiver and is completely legal. All he was doing was squeezing out the space between the WR and the sideline and the Receiver "tripped" over him. Just goes to show what a joke the CFL is in accordance with reffing when the "command center" can't even make the right call. Maybe we can call up the replacement refs the NFL had a couple years ago. God knows they could likely do better. :thdn:

There were questionable calls on both sides. Just take the W and move on.

Totally agree.

You are absolutely right. It is bad enough that officials feel the need to throw a flag for DPI more often than not on receiver initiated contact but when the command center can't even get it right it becomes a total farce.

I'm happy for the win, don't get me wrong. Our offense finally showed up and our defense finally remembered how to cover.
But this goes beyond the game in which we came back. It's these disgusting, ridiculous, moronic calls that have me shaking my head at the league as a whole and for the first time in my entire life, my enjoyment of watching the CFL is on a decline because of it. Let the players play for the love of football. These garbage PI calls and Objectionable Conduct penalties made me go from watching every CFL game (or most) every week, to only caring about the Eskimos playing, and even then, making me roll my eyes and hold the league in contempt for its amateur hour flag throwing.

This is the first weekend I've watched more NFL than CFL. (Large reason is b/c of fantasy football tbh, but it is worth noting).

Maybe next year the league will just get rid of DB's altogether in a new rule change since they are treated like criminals every play for even glaring at the WR. What a god damn joke this is.

Never seen so much whining!

It was legit. You CANNOT touch the player like that, going down field.

Are you joking? Watkins didn't touch the player, the WR ran into Watkins rear end and fell down! If you think thats PI, you know nothing about the game.

Well I know plenty about the game, and your Eskimos sunglasses are getting in the way of common sense.

PI is PI, accidental or not.

The DB has a right to his own space, or so the CFL tells us... The WR ran into him, as most in this thread would agree with. Your boast for knowing about the game has left much to be desired. The DB boxed him out to the sidelines, which in any league where amateur refs don't rule the zebra stripes, is legal.

Utter bunk on that call! The CFL better take a serious look at the matter of PI and of illegal contact in the offseason. Incidental and accidental contact should be allowed again much like before.

The way things are going now, they will start throwing flags on players in the secondary also for farting near other players. :roll: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Eskimosrock, Paolo x, cflisthebest,

With all due respect to you guys, the official made the right call. At first I thought it was bogus, but after review, it clearly shows Watkins backed into him shoving him out of bounds. Watch the reply.

Like 'rhymes with orange' states, "take the w and move on".


I am not going to question any of the PI calls made but I do have a couple of comments.

First, on each of the PI calls Hawkins made the gesture to the ref to throw the flag. This has been flagged as objectionable conduct all year but was ignored this game.

Second, it seems that this group of officials (Proulx) is the worst in the CFL IMO. Hopefully when playoffs roll around we don't see this group again, at least not in the west, I hope.

Don’t bet on Proulx not being around in the play offs - he was the HEAD REF for the GREY CUP last season!!! :roll:

Just an opinion, I cringe whenever I am watching a game that Proulx is officiating and it always seems that his crew thinks the fans paid to watch them.

The command centre has evolved from correcting mistaken calls on the field to becoming a smokescreen to try reinforce the idea the officials are doing a good job. I think if you go back to early last season there were a number of overturned calls but then that changed pretty quick around midseason-ish. I seriously think there was a conscious decision that the review process was making the on field officials look bad so they switched to the idea that it on field calls won't be overruled unless it's 100% clear it was wrong. Any small percent chance that the call on the field could be correct they fall back on the insufficient evidence to overturn. Even the TSN booth guys have been surprised a number of times that calls weren't overturned when they should have been and are left scrambling to try make an excuse why a call stood. It's basically pointless to challenge anymore.

well they have made a number of questionable calls this season..

however, the PI on Watkins was legit.

Questionable call, but it should have been the incidental contact on a receiver call instead of PI. As he was stepping back to box out player, it looked like the receiver tripped over this foot.

I have been watching the NFL as well as the CFL, and the refs have blown calls there too including analysts questioning the video review. Not a league in the world that doesn't complain about reffing.

Sorry, I've watched the replay multiple time, it was utter nonsense. It's time to let the players play, I enjoy watching defense and to see them get penalized for being alive gets me bothered. What's a DB to do anymore? Btw, from the vantages I've seen, Watkins didnt lunge his rear end at the WR, he was in his backpedal motion, boxing him out of bounds... But I've explained it already. It's all done and over with, but there are a million terrible PI calls on DB's across the board on every team and game, this particular call was the last straw for me to make an angry post haha. I'll leave it at this point... PI and all similar rules (or poor perceptions of said rules) in the CFL is an utter joke and I'm tired of watching amateur hour reffing instead of pro level Football.

I still don’t understand why Hawkins does not get penalized for making the “throw the flag” gesture to the ref. This has been called “objectionable conduct” all season, yet not this game. Note that I am playing the devils advocate because I feel that the officials don’t need another thing to flag and there have been a few occasions where a player has been charged with objectionable conduct for gesturing to his coach to throw the challenge flag. However even if the call is bogus, it needs to be consistent and I don’t understand why it wasn’t applied in this case.

They've been letting it slide for a couple of weeks now across the league. There's been a few times where the gesture has been made and no call whereas earlier on the season there would easily have been a flag.