Pat Tracey as Special Teams Co-ordinator

Any thoughts on Pat Tracey, there is not much out there on the internet from what I can see in regards to Pat Tracey; he's definitely an unknown in CFL but could be well known in CIS. Any CIS fans here who are in the know? Could our DC also be coming from CIS? How different is CIS from the CFL? Will these coaches understand the rules and play of the CFL? I know many NFL coaches don't fair to well originally up here hopefully CIS is more similar.

At least there finally is some news; it seems like everyone else are making headlines and moves and we are standing on our laurels; just is concerning but I am sure my Blue Bombers will figure it out and work it out in the end.


Has played/coached with Kyle Walters, coached Mike O'Shea in his CIS career. Only 1 year in the CFL as special teams coach with Hamilton in 1998. Despite relatively little "pro" coaching experience, he's got good insight into the Canadian style game, he's capable of coaching special teams and D, and he's used a number of trick plays on special teams in the past, including his one year in Hamilton, and that should fit in with the creativity O'Shea has shown he likes. Plus having O'Shea as HC who's actually coached CFL special teams will only help if there happen to be any struggles for Tracey. I think this hire has pretty good potential, and not just on the coaching side. They bolstered the US scouting side by hiring Govea and McManus earlier. By hiring Tracey and pairing him with Walters, both guys will or should have a wealth of contacts amongst the coaching ranks and be able to gather a lot of insight into the CIS draft eligible players. This potentially raises our CIS scouting ability to the highest level it's been at in recent memory.

From the Queens website:

Pat Tracey joined Queen’s in 2000 as Special Teams Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, and moved to his current post in 2001, becoming a full-time assistant to Coach Sheahan in 2008. [i]Tracey is recognized nationally and internationally as a defensive specialist,[/i] and is the dean of current OUA defensive coordinators. In 2011, the Gaels defence did not concede a single rushing touchdown in the regular season. [i]He enters the season with 105 career wins as a CIS defensive coordinator and the CIS leader with 14 career shut-out victories.[/i]

Tracey has mentored many exceptional defensive players during his time at Queen’s, including four CIS award winners, eight OUA award winners, 39 conference All-Stars and 16 CIS All-Canadians. The Gaels defence has lead the OUA in several categories under his guidance including number one ranking against the Run 5-times, Pass 2-times, Overall 5-times and Scoring 4-times). He has coached the East team in recent CIS East-West Bowl games, serving as DB coac in 2003, Defensive Coordinator in 2004, and Special Teams coordinator in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Tracey was the Special Teams Coach for Canada at the 2007 Global Football Championship, held during the week of Super Bowl XLI, which the Canadians won for the third straight year. In 2009, he guided the Gaels defence to a Vanier Cup championship, as they finished as the top defence within the OUA.

Tracey has also been deeply involved in coaching at the national level, as he was the Defensive Coordinator for the Eastern Ontario U-17 team at the Football Canada Cup, winning bronze medals in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and capturing a gold medal in 2009.

Prior to joining Queen’s, Tracey coached with the Guelph Gryphons from 1987-97 and 1999.

At Guelph, he held numerous positions including Defensive Backs and Return Units (1987-88), Inside Linebackers and Return Units (1989-90), Defensive Coordinator (1988-94), and Special Teams Coordinator (1996-97). He was the team’s recruiting coordinator from 1995 until leaving for Hamilton in early 1998. He coached in three Yates Cup finals with the Gryphons, winning two.

Tracey spent the 1998 season on a leave of absence from Guelph, and joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as Special Teams Coach, on a staff led by CFL legend Ron Lancaster. Hamilton advanced to the Grey Cup with his assistance, losing the championship on a heart-breaking, last-second field goal by the Calgary Stampeders.

Tracey started at defensive back from 1982 through 1986 with the Guelph Gryphons, winning the team’s most improved player award in 1982, and a Vanier Cup in 1984. He saw action as a punt returner, leading the team in 1983. In 1986, he was the football nominee for the Mitchell award as the Male Sportsman of the Year. Tracey was a team captain in 1986, and was named to the Gryphon Team of the Decade in 1989 at cornerback. He holds the school’s record for the longest fumble return (61 yards, set in 1983), and most games played in a career (51). Tracey is also ranked second in Guelph’s history for games started, with 49.

Tracey is a native of Foxboro, Ontario, and resides in Kingston with his wife Denise, and daughters Devon and Darby.

Not sure why they got rid of Dickenson ( maybe his choice?) but this is a great hire. A lifetime, Canadian coach who is very well respected will be year round ( as opposed to dickenson ) and a recruiter.

Now they have to hire Etch as DC a guy who lives and breathes football, creative, fun.He has a long history with O'Shea. Not sure if he really wants to get back to CFL as the league has treated him poorly. Toronto still owes him money when that fake, smarmy Pinball fired him in TO. Then they declared bankruptcy and Pinball got his coin but not so everyone. was forced out of Sask after going to GC. But he's good. Unconventional but good.

Interesting. Canadian GM and HC give Canadian AC an opportunity.

Thats true. Kind of the BC model up until this year at least. They may as well be the team to look at a Can QB too.

.....we're definitely putting the theme 'canuck' in the Bombers ranks and seemingly going that route...Guys like O'Shea,Walters, Howell and the ceo Mr. Miller are going back to their roots....I like this very much....AND for qb. is Brad Sinopoli available per chance..........................I'm kidding, I know he isn't but I sure like the way this kid plays football.. :thup:

Thanks for the information on Pat Tracey, he definitely seems like a great hire even though unknown what I have found on him on tsn; and here shows that he definitely is a well respected, teacher and coach. Exactly what O'Shea said he was looking for.

This does seem to lead us to believe that Etch will be his man at DC; but might also end up recruiting another CIS dC? Although Etch does know O'Shea from previously so seems to fit in with his current hires.

Definitely this shows that O'Shea is picking his own staff, I'm sure there is some help from Walters and Co but he seems to get plenty of say in who he is hiring.

Agree wholeheartedly Papa. I think using homegrown talent is great and I'd be very proud if Winnipeg was the first team to seriously use a Canadian QB. Naysayers can spare me the usual reasons that they think it impossible.

I think this might well have happened if Quinlan had stayed with the Als. Rightly or wrongly I think he will be viewed as a quitter now, and will not get another chance. A damned shame IMO.

Very good to see Winnipeg going with the Canadian option. I hope it will work for them and inspire other teams to do the same thing. Can't happen soon enough IMO.

Careful what you wish for. Your team is starting to look like the Greg Marshall regime that Bob Young annointed in Hamilton to begin his ownership run. Lots of Canadians, not much long-term success.

Not my team, I'm a Stamps fan. Your point is taken, just saying it's good to see some Canadians getting a shot in their own league.

.....The thing here is ,it appears O'Shea is picking his own it Canadian or otherwise...I like the fact our own guys are getting a look as well as Americans...AND it certainly beats what was thrown together under a non-resident Mack, who took this team to new depths... :wink:

We also have to remember, don't expect a turn around in a year give us two years. Yes we might end up making it to the GC next year and I would be happy if we do but I don't expect a huge turn around. They are hiring teachers, to help our current talent learn. Something we didn't have before, and hopefully after a year under their belt everyone will know what they are doing and what to expect. Even if we get another 3 win year I still will be happy if I see that we were competing in those games.

This year, we just didn't even compete. Sadly we came out strong at the very beginning of the season but that was against Montreal who had a terrible start as well. Edmonton was bottom of the barrel this year as well but they competed more often than we did. Which is why the focus is on Winnipeg has being the worst team.

With the right guys though we can see huge changes, hopefully we announce a DC in the coming weeks and at Free Agency we announce a Quarter Back. I might even be interested in a no name Quarterback who knows the game but is being brought up from CIS or somewhere else. As long as they seem to be able to have the skills to complete.

Looking forward to the new year; seems so long before our players are playing again! I'll be excited for the extra game over here in the West since I haven't got to go to many Blue Bomber games since I'm in Alberta and travelling to the east seems like a long time just for a football game.