Pat Meyer new OL coach

an old NC state buddy of Trestman's. My guess is the next DC will be another person he's comfy with. I doubt we'll see Etcheverry or Marshall. Popp didn't want them then and I don't think he'd want them now.

Fair enough. I still think whoever Trestman hires will be an upgrade on Tibesar, who took over on short notice after Burke bolted.

Better be. no hard feelings Tibby and good luck in Purdue. :wink:

I want a DC who has balls, man. Someone who isn't afraid to attack based on the personnel we have, who has our players in position to be football players, not playing it safe all the time with the safety about two miles back of the action. I don't mean cover zero all the time, because I'm not a huge fan of it unless you are 100% confident you have the horses to go press against any receiver without safety help. I mean letting players play. That means using our linebackers aggressively at the point of attack so they can swarm to the ball. It also means occasionally letting the D-line power through without stunting and twisting all the time. And it means including blitz packages every game, not blitzing every down, but letting the other team know that you are not averse to sending heat, in a variety of exotic ways (different blitz looks is essential).

Our second-and-long pass coverage has to improve. It was consistently subpar the whole 2011 season. A defense that consistently gives up big yardage on second-and-long, allowing other teams to convert, is not a well-coached defense.

With all the injuries I have no idea what level Tibesar was at. He seemed like a hard working well disciplined coach and Brouillette posted a nice thank you tweet to him crediting him for helping him make the conversion to defensive side of the ball.

I believe football programs need stability in football ops to build top notch programs. BC's rebuild is a perfect example. Buono, Benevides and Chapdelaine pushed through for 3, 4 seasons to rebuild their program. I'm convinced if Wally's staff had been raped they would not have won a GC this year.

Again the league needs to setup "approved" contracts the same as they do with Players. Something that is fair to everybody. A pension system should also be included as part of this.

The Canadian game being so unique - 12 men, wider field, waggle, the personnel - how do you bring in a newcomer to run the whole defense? It`s not like a position coach who mostly just teaches technique.

Im not a fan of Marshall or Etcheverry either. Mike Sinclair might be able to do it, hes been here 4 years. And again Ill bring up Mike OShea.

O Shea will not be coming to the Als. He does not want to uproot his family.

I dunno, no women coaches out there? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Then he's in the wrong career.

Totally agreed. Granted, Tibesar had a lot of injuries to work around, but our defence on second and longs was downright brutal.

Agree with that as well, I expect he'd get some consideration; we promoted Brady so promoting Sinclair as well might not be a bad move from the viewpoint of consistency.

I'm ambivalent about Marshall. But I AM most definitely a fan of Etcheverry. I just love watching his defences, from an entertainment perspective. So many weird and off the wall sets and schemes, I find it fascinating to watch. That said, would I want him as D/C on my team? Not so sure there... but I hope someone in the CFL hires him. . .

Mike O'Shea is returning to/with the Argos. I could not imagine him as an Alouettes coach. He is an Argo as is Bryron Parker-CB-.

The next defensive coordinator will definitely be someone new/a rookie to the CFL; I don't have problems with this. Marc and Jim will hire a good coach/a better fit than O'Shea would have been.


No surprise at all on this one.

Speaking of assistant coaches, I was surprised to find out that Dan McKinnon who was an Als assistant coach for 3-4 years, was recently let go as the Eskimos Assistant GM. Tillman carries a sharp knife with him at all times. Yesterday it was Jason Armstead. Remember him?