Pat Fleming.

After a while good punting and kicking are taken for granted and are forgotten after a game.But Fleming needs at least one mention.

After a shakey first few games Fleming has turned into a pretty good punter considering what the team had to muddle through with in Boreham.

Tonight was a good example Fleming nailed an almost flawless coffin corner pinning EDM deep. Something ST and the defense havnt enjoyed in some time. :thup:

here here!!!!

What were his stats? I've appreciated the better punting but at the same time the punts seem to me to be fairly low and we we have to rely on our downfield tackers more than many teams.

Pat is Always the 1st to Hit the Field For Practice. Most of Guys Get out around 10:45
He out around 10:15 to Practice his Kicking..

It shows how hard working he is to his Craft
Way to GO PAT !!

He's middle of the pack of all everyday punters but his avg. is over 40yds per punt and Hamilton hasnt had that in years.
So the decison to draft Fleming and fire Boreham as punter was the correct move.

Here is where Fleming's excellence really shows.

His punting average before last night's game was 43.6 yds/punt. His net average (after return) is 36.5 yds/punt...for an average return of 7.1 yds/punt.

Last night, his average was 43.2 yds/punt, with a net of 41.4 yds/punt.

Tompkins had 9 return yards on 5 punts...fantastic.

Good call. He is doing a great job. Nice to focus on the positives! :slight_smile:

Looking good! :thup:

he is a great punter. he simply had a bad start to the season but you can see now why hamilton selected him in the 2nd round of the ottawa draft.

You say we have to rely on our downfield tacklers??

There isn't a lot of fair catching going on, and yes you are at the mercy of the tacklers.
After a rough first few games where I believe Fleming did not trust his long snapper (seemed that he had to rush every kick) I think he could be our nomination for outstanding Canadian.
He has been great!!