Pat Fleming has been way to inconsistent
over the course of this season,
and especially in this game. We should
trade him to Sask. and land one of their

you are inconsistent! were you even at the game? there was a very stiff wind going the one direction at ivor wynne and many of his punts were into the wind and he was getting 30 yard punts…if you did not notice troy westwood was having difficulties punting into the wind as well…both punters were out before the game practicing kicking into the wind and were only managing about 30 yards a punt…oh and BTW fleming had a 64 yard punt! and all of the other punts he had going into the wind pinned winnipeg deep in their zone…its a shame our defense was on the field for 90% of the game again or else we might have won…but don’t come out and say how inconsistent he has been because he has improved tremendously and might be one of the most consistent guys on the team…


Fleming did not have his best game, but a punter need not be on our wish list for improvements.
He is an above average CFL punter!

As far as trading him to Sask, we are weeks past the trade deadline.

Just in regards to this part of your comments. I was at the game and also thought he was inconsistant. Even if you look at all the punts he had with the wind, he only had that one good one. The rest were averaging around 40 yards (with the wind). If you are going to use the wind excuse when he is punting into it, which I understand, then when he is punting with the wind all of those punts should at least be 45 - 50 yards.

I don't think he's a horrible kicker... but he's not good either.

I think it's a waste of a roster spot to have a kicker and punter... especially when neither one of them star at their position.

I agree with Rusty .Our punter is just adequate