past years info?

IS there anywhere on this site that you can see info from previous years games?

I thought it used to be possible to review the scores and attendance for games from previous years on this site? Am I just missing it?

I can't seem to find it either.

it USED to be in the schedule section, u could click to see years previous...which would have the score and attendance ( and highlight videos from '05 ).....but its gone now.

If You Have A Substription To Any Newspapers You Can Search Their Database For Back Issues And Check The Statistics Page For Attendance Numbers. However This Would Take A While To Do.

As the administrator of the VGCC I have all the scores going back to 1999 (with the exception of 2003.) I also have all the attendance figures going back to 2000.

I don't have any of the other stats, though.

check Soudog's CFL fan site

This is just plain frustrating, why take away a service like this?

I emailed the CFL website team about this and they do plan to put this up again, they just took it down for the Version 2 launch.

good news