Past QBs that had potential

I was just thinking that QB talent is potentially an issue right now. We don’t seem to have the QB stars of the past such as the Allen’s, Calvillo, McMannus etc. Also QBs don’t seem to be developed any longer and have tutelage as backups. The last bunch of backups that stayed that way for a while a proliferated were the Argos ones under Ricky Rey. All of this led me to think I hope teams like Ottawa give some of the young QBs like Duck and Evans sometime. I think they have potential. Anyways I was thinking about past QBs that I thought had potential but never really panned out for various reasons. Mine would be Bishop amazing arm but couldn’t master the other aspects of the game. Post your thoughts and past QBs that didn’t pan out but had potential.


Casey Printers for me because he had a good first season, did nothing in the NFL and didn't do much when he came back to the CFL.


As an Als fan ... of recent vintage ... Rakeem Cato ... older ... Turner Gill (injury related) ... oldest ... Jimmy Jones (lasted 7 seasons, but after an all-star selection in his second season he never quite fulfilled his potential)


Stanley Jackson

Joey Elliott

Sandy Stephens

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He let that one season (2004) get to his head.

Mind you benching him to start Dickenson in the Grey Cup didn't much for the Lions.

Goes to this ongoing dilemma.

Should a starter lose his/her position due to an injury?

Or you need to put someone in the game who will give you the best possible chance to win? (In other words, ride the hot hand)




Buck Pierce was gifted and no one questioned his toughness, but he, Drew Willy and Max Hall ALL got the bejeezes kicked out of them during that strange stretch under Joe Mack where we raided other teams practice rosters to get bargain basement offensive line help. Behind the line we have now I have no doubt that all of these guys would have experienced much greater success.


Drew Tate
Jake Maier
Nick Arbuckle

Drew Willy was the biggest casualty of the John Manziel experiment. He could still be in the league.

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Drew Willy was damaged goods. He never quite got his mojo back after the needless thumping he took in Winnipeg prior to coming to Montreal. His nervousness in the pocket did him in. Not that I blame him. ANYONE would have been traumatized behind that turnstyle line we had. Every QB prospect we had under Joe Mack got beat up like they owed some loan shark money.

I was never impressed with Willy.


That’s what she said.
Seriously, Crompton (I think that was his name) and Cato as an Als fan. Also, I think Arbuckle and Maier have a good shot.


Anyone remember Harry Knight? He subbed in for Ralph Brock (before we referred to him as 'Dieter Brock') and nearly took his job until that fateful day when he suffered a torn rotator cuff injury in '78. Back in those days such an injury was usually career ending. Drew Brees had a similar tear but was lucky enough to have his surgery performed at a time (2006) when the surgeons using knives instead of shards of flint.


John Congemi

Came out of Pittsburgh second in a number of categories only to Dan Marino. Had such high hopes for him and never really did much. Was a disappointment to me.


As a Cats fan the list is long but to name a few…

Quinton Porter
Timmy Chang
Timm Rosenbach

Oh I could go on. And on


James Franklin


Rakeem Cato. Threw the prettiest spiral I'd seen in years, but couldn't transcend the turbulence of his upbringing. Sad.

Drew Tate.

Casey Printers. So talented but he self-destructed.


He was really good and sorta had degraded play really quickly you are right.

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Sadly his head wasn't on the same plane as his physical talent, a bit like Antonio Brown and many other athletes throughout history.

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This thread should begin and end right here. The most tragic case of unrealized potential.

He would have gone pro; no doubt about it….if only coach would have put him in so they could have taken state.

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