Past NHL winners

as I enter my 49th year of playoff watching (50 if not for 2004-05 lockout), I am thinking about what my top 10 most satisfying cups wins are.

Actually 11 :slight_smile:

Flyers - 74
Flyers - 75
Red Wings - 97
Red Wings - 98
Red Wings - 02
Devils - 95
Devils - 00
Devils - 03
Blues - 19
Kings -12
Ducks - 07

Ahh memories.


Ouch. In 82 all the Islanders had to do was show up. They barely broke a sweat. Possibly the most lopsided matchup ever. I would say it was heart breaking but no one expected much of the Canucks then anyhow.

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Blackhawks 2010
Blackhawks 2013
Blackhawks 2015

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Avalanche 1996 (Uwe Krupp in the third OT - the only goal of the game); first season removed from Quebec.
Avalanche 2002 (Ray Bourque “on loan” from Boston, going out a Cup winner)
Avalanche 2022 (was it really TWENTY YEARS since the previous Cup??)
Bruins 1970… Robert. Gordon. Orr. #4 in your programmes, #1 in Bruins fans’ hearts!
Bruins 1972… My Birthday Buddy, Gerald Michael Cheevers, went unbeaten in 32 consecutive starts (NHL record) on the way to helping Boston win their second Cup in 3 seasons. Little did we realize that the B’s would win only one more over the next half-century.
Bruins 2011. Lots of goals - and goals against… Home team won every Finals game except Game Seven, setting Vancouver ablaze (sorry!).
Capitals 2018: just 8 wins in their first season, but managed to stay in one spot (KC were moved to Denver, then the New Jersey Swamplands). Forty- three seasons later, they reached the summit!
Blues 2019: Another long climb to the top finally rewarded! The Blues were swept in the Finals in their first three seasons, fell into the abyss, then slowly, inexorably, began chugging up the hill, culminating in a resounding Game Seven coronation in the (second) Boston Garden at the expense of my Bruins.