Past LD scores?

Can anyone tell me some of the past scores from Labour Day (Sask/WPG)?

I was talking with a friend and I was pretty sure that the home team had won most of the time, but he was saying the road team has.....

The Riders (home team) have definately got the advantage, but it is much closer than I’d like it to be.
In the return match, the Bombers have a bigger home field margin.
If I were to guess, I’d say that in the last 20 years, it is maybe 12-8 Riders.
In the return match, it is likely 18-2 Bombers…
I think Edmonton likely has the advantage in the Battle of Alberta, and the Cats vs. Argos is dead even.

Pretty close, and I'm surprised by the numbers!

In the past 15 games where WPG plays in Sask, sask has gone 9-6

In the past 13 games where Sask plays in WPG, WPG has gone 12-1

I cannot believe the 12-1 record, I guess the rides were still hung over from the week before!

Yep. We can't win for trying in the 'Peg.
I'd complain about some of the absolutely brutal calls by refs over the years that have cost us games--like the one where Tom Burgess, on a QB sneak from the one yard line for the game winning TD and his entire body was in the endzone but apparently the ref didn't think the ball broke the plane.
Or when Mike Saunders was down on the ground at our own two yard line for about 3 seconds, lying on his back and rather than blow the whistle, the refs let a Bomber grab the ball out of his arms and score the deciding points.(I nearly tossed the TV through the window on that one)
Stuff like that.

I would complain, but that would be whining, and nobody would care, so I won't....

Anyway, I think the overall record on Labour Day is very close.
Something like 23-18 or such.
Pretty sure we beat Montreal in the 70s though....

Wow, and here I don't even remember where I watched the game last year!

I don't remember that either...
But certain plays tend to stick out...