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Better marketing? I'll settle for any marketing at all. Appears to be largely non-existent where I live.

Under-rated factor? The records of these teams for the past while have been mostly terrible. Combined 19-35 in 2019. B.C. has been mediocre to poor since their 2011 Grey Cup title. Montreal has struggled on the field ever since Calvillo retired (but appear to be headed the right way with Vernon Adams Jr.). As for the Argos? When was the last time they had a Stampeders-like dominant stretch of seasons? 14-4, 13-5, 12-6??

Let's right these ships with consistent winning seasons and exciting teams before writing off these markets.

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no way would Australia do so. They got too good a thing with AFL which is doing just fine

The GFL went under, but now they have formed this European League of football.
They just kicked off this new league and the first game yesterday.
American football not successful in Europe at all, I can't find anything that says they are converting to 3 downs. Adam Rita coaching the Spanish team

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They (Australia) are not going to give up their version of football or footy for Canadian Football.

It's about covertering their American Football (or Gridiron as they call it) to the Canadian version.

Giving up their own version for an American version is more of a Canadian thing to do as some or more of the Canadians have little to zero confidence in the CFL.


Yeah, some Australian gridiron league (not AFL) offered to play by CFL rules. But, try even find proof of such a league exists. At best, we are talking recreation league with a handful of participants.

German Football League apparently is still playing as a league as they regularly post highlights on Youtube.

One of the problems why the CFL game has never been adopted elsewhere is that field they use is too big. In the GFL, I have seen highlights of games where there is not even enough room for a 10 yard end zone. In the LFA, the best stadium used there is a college-owned and with a field not expandable as it is located on a hillside.

You have zero chance of finding semi-pro leagues that are able to tear up existing facilities to accommodate a standard CFL field.

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But in Australia's case they play their footy (love that name) on a cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball: pitch. It can accommodate a Canadian sized field.

The Canadian field can also be fitted on their rugby pitch as well.

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The CFL is like a cockroach, it can survive anything

A CFL field is basically defined by fitting within an athletics track. It's an impediment to a great number of soccer stadiums but a semi-pro league should be able to find an athletics venue with bleacher seating to play Canadian football.

That said, playing Canadian rules football anywhere other than Canada seems so obscure. But there are Aussie Rules leagues in Canada afterall and those fields dwarf CFL fields.

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As I mentioned before, we are probably talking rec leagues in Australia.

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Aussies wouldn’t be caught dead playing a sport with helmets, shoulder pads etc
Maybe some ex-Canadians and Americans living there.

You never know some of Aussies might be closet gridiron fans.

if AFL players rolled around on the ground as quickly, often and long, as many soccer players, it would take a week to play a game.

The GFL is alive. It is running concurrently along the ELF. There seems to be a battle for German players and markets. The GFL wasn't too happy about the ELF starting up. Six of the ELF teams are in Germany, but it calls itself "European".

The ELF is poorly organized. Games are played in lower tiered soccer stadiums. Their opening press conference had a skydiver float down with a EFL football, but he missed his landing point and he was carrying an NFL football instaed of an EFL ball. Shades of the XFL1.0 blimp crash. It already banned a Stuttgart QB for using a racial slur.

Adam Rita lost his first ELF game. His guys were poorly prepared. I expected more from a Rita coached team