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I grew up watching the CFL. I have seen the good & the bad. I've been very critical because with the CFL's potential the league has been really addressed its ongoing revenue problems. I haven't seen or heard of any solutions to this issue except the protectionist cries for all out protect of the CFL from person who offer no plans. Can the CFL continue being status quo until the next crisis. The fans need to look in the mirror and realize the CFL is not really major sports league, there's no real revenue flow, there's no real TV contract, the community owned teams have a distinct advantage and league's marketing is little to none. The CFL is essentially a pro league that benefits a fortunate few and used as a stepping stone for the rest.
This league is not going anywhere or die, it just needs to step out of the 70's and change. History does not pay the bills or generate revenue. The markets of Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver need to be exploited by better marketing, that's where the largest demographic of next generation fans exists. Naturally the teams in the West will be reluctant to any change but the world has changed and methods from 70's will not work today. We're in a period of need to know now (eg: Social Media) and year round daily accessibility (eg: NFL Live).
Why can't the CFL follow this path? It's not a question of money it's "Want To" & leadership. Of course, there will be negative feedback but times have changed & all good things come to an end.


These are inherently contradictory statements. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said "all that's needed is better marketing."


The CFL will survive. Here’s why.....
Because it will.

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Better marketing isn’t going to happen any time soon. Most of the major markets will see what Dwayne Johnson et al have to offer them. Then make a decision after talks are concluded.

Still not sold on this potential partnership with the XFL as I don't trust their (XFL's) intentions.

Clearly the CFL is going into this potential partnership without covering their bases and not protecting the Canadian Football rules in interests.


Yes, that seems to be the answer from all fans - "they need to market it in the big cities and spend more money" - nothing new

I was watching a YouTube video a while back and I think I heard Larry Smith say that any rule changes had to be unanimous. They had written it into their laws to keep the Canadian rules intact for the next generation. I don’t know if that is still true today

The board requires a greater than supermajority vote to pass something. Meaning 7 out of 9 votes, we found this out during the time when they voted on the return to play.

Rule changes have happened in the past, not sure if they were unanimous but it doesn't appear it needs to be.

Like a cockroach


But the CFL has never been faced with a canceled season that resulted in zero revenue but teams still having to pay expenses. Then followed by a shortened season with limits on attendance.
The league is so desperate that they begged the government for interest free loans or handouts and seeking out other leagues to merge with to survive.
Up until 2019 I would've agreed that the CFL would stick around like a cockroach but now not so sure at all.

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For sure the future is still very uncertain and there will likely be some big changes coming... which may not be bad ones.

At the same time, many thought they were done after missing one season and they're 6 weeks away from hitting the field again. Meanwhile this other league they're talking with has delayed their restart because of these talks.

It's not zero revenue if they had merch sales. It was just very low revenue.

technically return to play was not a rule change.

Though true both this and things like rule changes would all need approval from the board.

Curious to see this video from Smith if there are any rules that do need to be unanimous

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If it comes down to altering and, in essence, ending Canadian Football as we know it may require a unanimous decision just like moving the schedule as either or both do definitely affect their bottom line.


Hard to say. Agreeing to start in August effects the league's bottom line (as opposed to another delay or cancel), yet only 7 out of 9 votes were needed.

I somewhat agree for something major, the owners would all have to be pretty much thinking the same way. If 1 team is against something, they would only need 2 allies to block it.

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We were in pretty good shape until the pandemic,we had good shot at team in Eastern Canada,The Schooners


Sadly, a great uphill battle marks the CFL's future. Many contributors pointed out the major problems: a divide between the West and the East regarding possible options (with the West as the most successful with the status quo); major problems within the Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver markets due to low attendance; a 100% agreement of the ownership to initiate changes; media visibility, and gaining support from the younger generation.

I also believe (no offense intended) that the unique character of the CFL (rules and strong national identity) though still a positive fact for Canadians pose problems if a more global visibility is considered (no offense intended). On a global scale, the NFL certainly dominates when one thinks of football (not footbol). And of course, the CFL doesn't have the deep pockets of its US rival.

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They have to win over one country at a time.

Wasn't there a country that offered to convert over to Canadian rules or was that false.

Trying to find that article if I am able to.


It was suppose to be Australia, but I haven't found anything concrete.

There are two possible countries that the CFL can win over for them to convert to 3 down football. Germany and Mexico.

Mexico(LFA) had to cancel their entire 2021 season because of Mexican Gov't pandemic procedure. May it can be the CFL's feeder league. LFA plays in January. It wouldn't take much money for the CFL to invest in the LFA since it operates in the Peso.

Germany(GFL) is getting hampered by the new upstart league, the European Football League(ELF) are poaching players, coaches and cities from the German league to play in their new league. The CFL should try to strengthen it's partnership with the GFL converting to 3 down football. It will stop their players moving to the new league and we have access to the German players that have learned the 3 down game in a league setting

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