Past Bomber games on tape?

I am looking for someone who might have taped the most recent Bomber game vs the Montreal Allouettes on July 22, 2005.

I am also looking for the Bomber vs. Calgary game on Fri, Aug 23, 2002.

Please contact me at, or call me at (204) 897-9385. I am willing to pay for these videos if you still have then on VHS or DVD.

If you do not have them, but know how I could get them, please let me know.


Thats one thing I love about being a Rider fan, I never get to see any of the games on TV cause of work, but the night after a game people always post em in Torrent fashion for us who can't get a copy. Haven't missed a game yet :slight_smile: or :confused: not sure after the last pounding.

If you need a copy I have a comercial free edited copy on DVD of the game. Missed last play of the game though. Let me know.

do you think i could get a copy? i missed all games this week! could you maybe make me a copy mwin1?

I assume that you are referring to last Fridays Montreal game? If so, I am very interested. Please let me know how I can contact you. My e-mail address is Or you cal call me at (204) 897-9385.

By last play, do you mean the Stegal catch, or the Calvillo intercepted pass?

I would really appreciate this!


well dude, hopefully you have a copy i could have, thanks dude!

I have a copy of the July 22,2005 Bombers vs Als game..DVD recorder cut off just as Cavillo was intercepted at end of game. Email me with directions to deliver to you. If in the Peg I will deliver to you. Small donations accepted!