I am a diehard Stamps fan, BUT no one likes to see anyone get seriously hurt on the feild. Hope you recover quickly.

Didn't look good when I seen it either. Hope to see a wellness recovery for Passmore.

Those stupid sideline ad signs have to be moved or removed!

All the best to Mr. Passmore.

I felt ashamed of the crowd's insensitivity while the medics treated him. I'm sure that had it been Geroy laying there you would have heard a pin drop. For the unknown Mr. Passmore, the crowd chose instead to do the wave - for 5 minutes straight, and boo the section of the crowd directly in front of the injury that refused to cooperate. It was sick!

My feeling was they were booing the paramedics not acting quick enough, going back and forth to the corridor?

From what I've been reading Passmore will have a complete recovery from his encounter with the signage. Thank goodness!

This injury could have been much more serious had there been immediate swelling impeding his ability to breathe. His throat could have been slashed with a major artery sliced open. Then what ?

I loathe those signs along the sidelines. I always have and I always will! Yes, advertising generates revenue but frankly I'm sick to my stomach with having more and more advertising pushed down my throat- while seeing the price of admission going up. And I'm tired of hearing the argument that all of this advertising is necessary to pay the bills. It isn't. Advertising is a cash cow and it's becoming more and more intrusive to the game- at least for me it is.

Advertising is a billion if not trillion dollar enterprise. No wonder companies are prepared to fork out millions for 60 seconds during the super bowl. It used to be that when you watched the game on the TV all we had to put up with were the commercial breaks. Fair enough. But now we have to put up with the virtual imaging of assorted advertising logos that "appear" on the playing field. I'm referring to those advert logos that appear on the playing field only to those watching on TV. The images are not really on the field. They are created the same way the yellow first down line shows up on your TV. They [the logos] are highly effective because you end up staring at them repeatedly over a 3 hour period.

When I go to watch the game live I go to enjoy the game, not get cerebrally raped with visuals from local advertisers. We even have to put up with freaking commercials on the jumbo tron screen just as if we're at home! Commercials that have nothing to do with football. Rona and Scotia Bank have their logos on the B.C. jerseys because they're major sponsors. Fine. The goal post support structures have advertising on them. The field has advertising on it. The sidelines are lined with those stupid signage boards that Passmore got injured on. There is more advertising all along the perimeter wall below row A. Where will it stop?

Listen to the game on the radio and it isn't, "It's first and ten on the Eskimos 6." It is, "It's first and 10 on the Midas Muffler 6." Or the ball is in the Chevrolet red zone, blah blah blah.

Some will say the advertising doesn't affect them. It does more than we want to admit. And companies know this. Can you say s-u-b-l-i-m-i-n-a-l? See the images often enough and they get stored in the memory.

There will be some who will argue that Passmore's mishap with the signage board was a "freak" accident. Fine, but it did not need to happen at all if it weren't for corporate greed. The fact is the guy could have been killed. We've all seen players crash into those boards or try to leap over them. What happens if a Geroy Simon or a QB running for his life seriously sprains or even worse, breaks an ankle having encountered one of those things?

The players have enough to worry being seriously injured on the field itself. Some "obstacles" along the side lines are necessary but this signage cr** in my opinion is advertising overkill.

Like someone said, move 'em or get rid of 'em. I say get rid of 'em completely and get back to what going to a football game is all about.

there would be no problem if they would make those things out of foam,

No doubt that would help FBYB from a safety issue but like I say, I'm tired of the advertising overkill. I know it won't change- in fact I'm sure we'll see more logos on the players jerseys, on the yard sticks, the football and maybe even on the refs jerseys

I agree with Beagle. Those signs are only a few yards from the sideline; it's impossible to avoid them. What comes first - safety or advertising revenue? A couple of alternative locations would be to suspend them out from the top edge of the roof (east & west sides), or as backdrops to the endzone bleachers. The Ad Exec might argue it would lack exposure. I say "garbage"! The exposure they're getting now is negative given the dangers.

Backer - I was sitting in 221 - right next to the booers - the south endzone bleachers. They were for the most part, a bunch of yahoos who got up every 5 minutes to fill each hand with beers. Seriously, watch the aisles - they're always filled with comers and goers; it's bizarre. I don't think half of them even realized what was happening on the sidelines; they're there to party, and not much else - jump all over each other to try and get their hands on a convert ball. You'd think that million dollar bills were being tossed to them.

Actually, if you were there you would have heard clearly those who were booing were on the east side of the stadium. During the time he was down, the fans were doing the wave, however, the fans on the west side of the stadium would not do it. So the fans on the east side started booing them. After a little while longer, they started chanting "west side sucks".

It had NOTHING to do with the injury, paramedics or anything like that.
I hope that killed the stupid speculation from the last few posts.

That was me Grims, my apology. Didn't quite know what was going on with the boo's from a T.V. perspective.

it had every thing to do with the injury. west side was being respectfull. east side was being ignorant.

I agree with you 100% I wish they had more non-alcohal sections.

Thanks pastasteve on the clarity of the boos, I didn't quite get it. My apology still goes out to Grims none the less.

Speaking of ignorant, I have a far lower opinion of you that I had before. And that's saying something.