In Marshall's post game commentary he made a statement that he is not about speeches. Is it not the Leaders job to inspire the team? In order for the team to show passion and heart it needs to start with the leader and their communication. The season is not over; however, let's see it get started!

True leaders find a way to inspire.

A little scary finish tonight but nice to see the passion and Rider pride back. Well done to the coaching staff for preparing the guys tonight and congratulations to the players for executing!

Well done, let's carry it through to the next game against the Stamps and make Mosiac our Fortress once again! Go Riders Go!

I like the fact that Marshallmis talking to the players on the sidelines, unlike Miller. Marshall is a players coach, they'll start playing for him sooner or later.

Speeches look good on TV and in movies, but in reality a good team does not need an inspiring pregame speech to win ball games.