Passing scheme stinks

This is driving me crazy. Why do they continuously throw for these 5 to 6 yard passes on 1st down. Then they don't convert on 2nd down and out comes Setta to punt.
Likewise Glenn seems to be throwing deep quite often but with minimal success.

So why aren't they throwing 10 to 15 yard passes. Safer than long-bombs and ensures that the yardsticks keep moving. I watch Calvillo do it every week. Why can't the ti-cats? We have so many good receivers that are threats and are not being used to their full potential.

Who is responsible for this? Glenn for not making the reads or is it the OC and the playcalling.


Welcome back for this loss, so good of you to keep us up to date with who was to blame for this one!!

You must have replied to the wrong post.

I think he's just trying to get his post count up. :slight_smile:

Down here we call those 5 and 6 yards passing schemse the GTA offense.

Oh, I get it now. The higher the post count, the more presumed knowledge about Ti-cats Football.

NO, the more knowledgeable posts you make does that.. and clearly, you are lacking!

I just asked an honest question that i have heard many, many fans bitching about. So we must all be lacking. Why don't you explain it to us with a nice illustrious answer?

Yea I agree. I'd like to hear the answer to that question because I'm getting real fed up with six yard passes, until, of course, we find ourselves behind by a TD with a minute or two on the clock.Then we start hitting the 10-15 yarders, march down the field and score. Why can't we do more of that.