Passing game: Jackson or Pierce, long or short

The TSN crew was making an interesting point about Jackson coming on twice in relief in the Lions squeaker victory over the Argos.

I seriously think that the defensive coordinators around the league have pegged the Lions under Buck Pierce as a short-passing game. As a result the DBs are getting their feet set behind the pass receivers and then breaking on the ball while its in the air. The result is the receivers have to make difficult catches, or get crushed immediately after the reception. Think of how many times Paris Jackson has been getting creamed after making catches on crossing routes. Last year that happened so much to Jason Clermont that I think even with his legendary tolerance for pain it slowed him down.

What Jackson did during the second half was to haul off and throw deep a few times. He made room for his receivers that way, as well as improve the running game a little. Success for a CFL offense is built on your ability to maximize your threat to all areas of the field.

Pierce seldom throws deep, and basically stands in the pocket until he has to run for his life. His passes are almost always short or intermediate. Buono in an interview acknowledged Jackson's strong arm, but said that "ball possession wins games." He believes in the short passing game.

I agree but don't think the short game can be successful unless one throw in every four or five has some air under it. Then our receivers will have a split second to make a move before absorbing the hit.


Put jackson as starter! Look at the stats between him and Peirce! Jackson has played fewer games, and has more touchdowns then buck!

It is true that you need to spread the defense, not only to keep the defense guessing, but to open up the short and intermediate passes and the make the running game more effective.

Though, being a pocket passer is not a bad thing. The problem I see is that the offensive line is not doing a good enough job in protecting the quarterback. Buck Pierce has the ingredients for being a good pocket passer, quick decision making, quick release and a good reaction time. He is not as good at scrambling or making effective off balanced passes as his arm strength doesn't set the league on fire. Something J.J. is good at.