Passes knocked down/defended

Baggs just knocked down a pass by Buck Pierce and it got me thinking about something again: Why doesn't the CFL keep track of passes knocked down/defended? They keep track of interceptions, forced fumbles, tackles, and sacks, but for some reason they don't keep track of passes that are knocked down/defended. Why not? It seems like a pretty important defensive stat. We've already had quite a few in the Sask/B.C. game. Anyone know why?

…the passes knocked down/defended lobby group is very poorly funded…

No kidding. :lol:

Passes knocked down is stat that has been compiled by the CFL since 1994.

On the CFL Stats page you have to open the PDF files (Defence) for the individual teams. It shows up with the tackle stats under the heading KD for Knocked Downs (not Kraft Dinner).

In the CFL Facts, Figures and Record Book the knocked down stats show up in the league stats combined with Interceptions. Knock downs also show in the individual profiles (as PKD) combined with the tackle stats.

OK. So apparently they do track that stat. I was looking at the Live Game tracker and they didn't have it, so I just assumed they didn't track it. :oops: