passer rating, the reilly watch, for whatever it is worth

who would have thought that after 2 weeks, AC would have the worst rating of the 8 starters

After a very poor first week, MR passes AC and BP, closing in on TL

just wait till Mr. Reilly plays against a team that is good...

Not that high on your own team? :smiley:

I believe we saw this in week 1.

So I guess your saying the Riders are not a good team? :wink: :wink: Agreed.

I'm a big Reilly fan, but he will go through ups and downs in his first year as starter. We've seen it here in BC with Lulay. Reilly seems to have more "tools" than Lulay and has a better arm, but he'll have his ruts and all that. Remember Doug Flutie struggled in his first year as a starter in the CFL.

I actually think he is doing better then expected, once they get the O-line figured out he will be a top QB in this league. don't forget this is a new offense for him and a new team so their is a bit of a learning curve. I didn't expect him to play like a Durant or Ray. I do like what I see so im willing to give him the time to develop.

I'm being humble, it's early.

I appreciate your honesty.

Reilly’s QB Rating increased 30 points after last week’s performance, revealing how hard it is to evaluate a QB after only 2 games. If he keeps on the same trajectory, Reilly could be tops in the league after this week’s game, with fans hinting about the MOP. But Mike will need to string together a couple multiple-TD passing performances, without the Int’s…to secure his position with the Esks.

Another positive factor is Reilly’s scrambling, he’s the 6th leading rusher in the CFL with a 9.1 yd. avg. and 1 Td, so far. :thup:

Agree for sure. Edmonton has played 2 week teams so far who may miss playoffs. They better work on it.

big jump today into the 90's, but still 5th among present starters.

I thought 100 used to be the mark.