Passer Efficiency calc insane.

Reilly threw for 320 yards to Strevelers 190.
Reilly completion % 82.9 to Strevelers 60

both throw 1 td.

Yet 1 lousy int means only 1.5 efficiency difference. That’s insane.

The calculation / formula is crazy complicated.

I think that you were looking at the team ratings on game tracker. The Winnipeg rating includes the stats for Bryan Bennett.

Streveler finished the game with a 126.4 rating
Reilly finished the game with a 102.4 rating

The formula is not that complicated. Having said that, the CFL has been using an incorrect formula for years now.

The post game stats package shows:

Streveler with a 127.1 rating and Reilly with a 106.8 rating.

The rating is only meaningful with a large sample size. The ratings for a single game don’t mean that much.