Passed on Gavin Walls?

I am sure winnipeg will give us gavin walls for piercy right? its all about money and this proves it. Maas is traded for no contract as I said.........walls gets a starters salary so we opt with the third stringer........sad , read it here!!!

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Its obvious with all the so called people around that know football this had to be about money. go ahead marcel, you can get printers but you better bury maas salary so dont trade maas for anyone who makes any money. I would like to hear this one explained by our braintrust. Why should i spend my money on a team that isnt even trying to win?

Who knows if Walls was available. Moving Maas was a no brainer (not needed with Printers). Canadian talent goes far when you are trying to build a team. The "braintrust" grabbed a Cdn who is of similar size to Barrenechea and can perform on special teams. Is this really an issue?

yes, its a huge issue. We have looked for a pass rush all season and we turn down gavin walls, an all star, rookie of the year with 11 sacks last year..........for a third string backup? I have a real problem with that. so answer me, we can trade piercy for walls then right?

here is a link to walls bio....enjoy folks.

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Maybe we didn't want Maas to go to Winnipeg because then he'd remain in the Eastern Division and might come back to haunt us.

So when Montreal was interested ... oh, right.

We've had many, many DE's this year but we didn't have a 3rd string FB.
We NEEDED a 3rd string FB!
Marcel is just doing things in reverse. We'll sign all of our backups first and then work our way up to the starters.
Don't worry. We officially need receivers now. Now someone can start looking for some.

we dont need just any recievers.....apparently we need the bigger kind

Maybe the fast kind too....and the kind that can know, like every other team has.

we cut or traded them all last year because…they are easy to find…just like all star defensive ends I guess…when we need one we just go and get one from um…

Charlton Keith is a younger, cheaper Gavin Walls. And by aquiring Piercy, we have another good Canadian to play special teams, and arguably the best stable of RB's in the league (Lumsden, Caulley, Davis, Piercy, Radelein, Dickerson).

Next year, when we land two free agent receivers, another starting O-Lineman, and about three more key guys on D, we will win.

I know this year has been frustrating, but Desjardins will provide Printers with the tools he needs to score points and win games. Believe it.


We needed receivers this year and it can be argued that we found zero. It's possible none of the import receivers we have now will be back.....or would be missed if they weren't.
We had another starting OL...Smith...and we gave him away.
I hope you are right...but needing receivers is nothing new...

passing on an all star de like walls is insane, plus it was almost a week later before we even signed keith. we know what walls is, we dont know what kieth is....oh did say cheaper right? ok, that explains it, i WAS right..

I have no clue why the Bombers would even consider that trade but a buddy of mine who works for the Bombers told me that it was close to happening... Thankfully it did not.. I am not sure why Taman would trade Walls for a backup QB.

maybe Walls is in his option year.

That, or he wasn't as confident as Coach Berry in their current backup (Dinwiddie).

I really think there is more to this than just Walls for Maas. Taman isn't that stupid.

you just said in the other thread that in the salary management system teams will have to dump.........weve done our share havent we.......maybe winnipeg had to do the same this time in order to pay maas? so we are ok with the dumping part of the management system(our gm has that down pretty good) just not very good at the feasting part of it. Keep trying to justify why they would pass on it.

I like what i see. Although I get very frustrated when watching the games. I can see the team getting better everytime I wath them though. The team was changed around so much from the getgo that they were never given a chance to get batter, but now that they have been sticking to the same thing you see the guys getting use to it, still making mistakes but getting better. Some key players would make a difference but I think if we stick to what we are doing now for next season with a few more key players, we will be a wining team. we have probably the best Back field in printers, lumsden and caulley. and our receivers need a little more practice with printers. they are not terrible! just a few more bumps to get over!