pass rush

I noticed that in the paper today there is a mention of a "ferocious' pass rush in the last game. From my perspective Glenn,on almost all passing plays had very little pressure.

8) The article says specifically, the ferocious pass rush of Nautyn McKay-Loescher, who sacked Kevin Glenn twice !!! From my observations, Loescher was constantly in the Bomber backfield chasing down Glenn, like a man possessed !!!!

Mckay Loescher was great...he had 2 sacks and a fubmle recovery

also Loescher has had a sack in every game he has played in

but other than Loescher their is no1 else consitently getting pressure on the QB

The cats don't have much of a pass rush.With so little pressure they might as well go to a full time three man rush with frequent blitzes and / or extra dbs