Pass/Run Ratio: CFL vs. NFL

Okay... I broke down last night and watched some NFL because I had an hour to do on the elliptical machine and there was NOTHING else on (well... except for a Mythbusters I had seen before). The commentator announced that Philadelphia's Offensive Coordinator was the most "pass-happy" coach in NFL HISTORY! His pass to run ratio as 58.2:41.8. That's right, he passes 58.2% of the time. The commentators were astounded and I guess that in a 4 down league that IS a high ratio.

It got me wondering, in the past 30 years, who was the LEAST pass-happy CFL coach? Was that number lower than the high total for the NFL? Do we even have those stats anywhere?

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Sounds high to me for the NFL. In my head, I use a general un-evidenced ratio of 60-40 run to pass for the NFL and reverse for the CFL but have nothing, no figures, to back this up will admit.

Ti-Cats this season are 68% pass / 32%run

Anybody know of a link to past stats in the CFL?
It would be interesting to compare coaches on this. under "Stats" you can go back as far as '02.