Pass protection...skip...pass protection...skip....pass prot

Last week
This week
Next week
The week after
and after

I dunno......are the OLmen that bad?.....they can score TD's and get pretty darned excited about it....

but blocking?

Charlie.....we can't block.

I seems obvious to the other posters here....but I don't think Charlie can see it....he sees them having fun....getting td's...all is good.....but no

They are having fun

We aren't

I know, I know....patience
Patience 2002, Patience 2003, Patience 2004, Patience 2005, Patience 2006, Patience 2007, Patience 2008.......

Oh it getting monotonous for you too????

We need to get some better schemes going to get around the play of the o-line for now. hot routes, screen passes, etc. The next two weeks will determine the coaching staffs fate, and if they want to keep their jobs they need to come up with a scheme to get around the o-line play.

the next two games to determine the fate of a coaching staff like this one?

half a season to prove that they dont know what they are doing...

its kind of obvious now isnt it?

even the TV announcer was commenting about how for 6-7 plays the rookie montreal db was playing way too close to the line and leaving the safety zone free and clear...

if its so apparent why didnt we capitalize?

For the record the same announcer mentioned ticats had no receiver in the area, yet in the replay you could clearly see a cat receiver in that area. Ricky did not have time to deliver.

The o line is what's wrong with this team right now. Everything else will come together if the o line could block long enough to get some drives together.

Scotty: You are right about the O-line of course but there is a lot more wrong than that… such as defensive schemes and overall game planning and play calling. These are re-occurring problems and go to the heart of whats wrong with this team week after week.

I honestly think it all starts with the o line. They give up good real estate with the horrible protection and the defence is forced to not make a mistake while having to take chances to get the ball back.

Games are won in the trenches and right now that's where we're losing them.

Right on!
And if you don't get past don't even know what else you have!

What's bizarre is that before the season all kinds of folks were claiming that the O-line was one of our strengths, one of the best in the league, etc. etc.

Are we to believe that the loss of Gagne-Marcoux was THAT devastating?

The O-line stinks. The playcalling stinks.

The defense looked better last week, but is still bad.