Pass/kick backyard football game

Saw some wiffle ball league (neighborhood kids) on youtube. It was intriguing and I was glued to my monitor.

Wish someone would start pass/kick league and upload it to youtube using these rules:

  1. standard football thrown thru an automobile tire.
  2. outdoor trash can underneath the tire for interceptions
  3. pvc pipe goal post with nerf football
  4. 16 passes/fieldgoals/punts per quarter. Therefore, 64 passes/fieldgoals/punts per game.
  5. punts are a net 40 yards
  6. receiving team on a kickoff begins at their own 35 yard line
  7. field goals from three distances -- 5-15, 20-30, 35-45 yards
  8. each completed pass thru the tire are worth 25 yards
  9. 3 downs to move the ball 10 yards
  10. a huge wooden display board shows the down and location of the ball on the field
  11. missed field goals from the 5-30 yard line are worth one point (rouge) and assume the safety was unable to run the ball out.
  12. missed field goals from the 35-45 yard lines are assumed the safety ran the ball out to his own 35 yard line

I should make a pdf document and start regional leagues.