Pass Interference

I know that for some complaining or questioning the officials is out of line, unless it is their ox that gets gored but the league seriously needs to address the lack of consistency on pass interference calls. There were two absolutely horrendous calls yesterday in B.C. one missed and another phantom call where there was no contact. The fact that these occurred in a nothing game should not detract from the seriousness. If this was the only occasion this year where there were bad misses or where the official saw something that did not happen or he guessed, one could ignore it but it seems that the only thing that is consistent about the PI calls is that there is one or two bad ones every game.

The call against Edmonton where the B.C. player tripped over his own feet was horrible and should absolutely result in some kind of disciplinary action on that official, he saw the B.C. player fall and surmised that there had to be contact. Simply put, "if you don't see it, don't call it"! Phantom calls are the worst mistake a ref can make. If you miss something, they are human, I give them a pass. If you make a call based on a guess, there should be a meeting with Ned Flanders!

So very very very true - unfortunately you I doubt that the ref that made the phantom call won't face any real discipline.

Kent Austin has had some interesting insight on the subject of late, and is very vocal outside of the media (doing it right). The PI calls seem to be getting worse with each game. I can understand more inconsistencies on a guy in motion being across the line, and even some of the brutal roughing the QB calls (both ways), but the PI is getting just ridiculously inconsistent. I would also vote that they need to start letting some of the holding calls that are a bit away from the play go.

Once again the league seriously needs to address pass interference in the off season. As much as I wanted Hamilton to win, the Als were totally ripped off by a brutal non-call late in the game. Maybe more brutal was the phantom call late in the half of the B.C. Saskatchewan game.

The inconsistence with regard to PI is horrible and needs to be addressed.

That was sad to see it happen again to my team yesterday.

I have no problem (at least no anger) suffering a loss like the ones we had in 2011 and 2012 in our home against HAM and TOR. That was not fun but We lost it ourselves on the final play of the season by a mistake from one of our player.

But, the end zone with 20 some seconds remaining, it is a touchdown pass that will certainly be caught by Carter and....bang he gets hit really hard before the ball arrives, it is so obvious I did not need to see the replay.....
We could sense a little shame in Mr. Suitor' voice when he saw the replay.....that was so evident! Again the league, the CFL, demonstrates is greatest weakness: the referring....

If that call is made what 's up: it is 1st and goal at the 1, with what? 16 seconds remaining? With Smith and Sutton in the back field? We all know what would have been the end result. 17-13 Als with less than 10 seconds, game over! They would have earned a very well deserved presence in EF next week in TOR. Especially with that strange season they had.

It was not a pretty show on both side of the field Sunday with really bad weather conditions And we all know that Sean Whyte has played his last game in MTL...and maybe even in the CFL. Both teams had made their mistakes along the way throughout the game, and still, the game was on the line with 20 some seconds left....We were stolen our rights to go to the next level.

AND I can't bear anymore comments such as the one made by Matt Dunnigan after that obvious gaffe again made by a referee, stating that you have to let the players decide the outcome of the game....what now??? the Hamilton DB that hit Cater is not a PLAYER? suddenly?....really strange appreciation made by that intelligent man. That Player, took that penalty because he was beaten on the play by a better athlete thant he is...isn't it what competitive sports is all about?

If you play the cover asses game, you won't go anywhere in life, and referring in the CFL will never improve either. That is what is happening. I follow the Als sicen 1998 and that part of the game never improved...if not, got worse....And I have seen many games form the West where so many bad calls finally became game changers....Eithe you call or you do not call the penalty, referees are part of the game and they have an impact on the result, they cannot say "we do not want to one that decide the game" well gentlemen I have new for you: you already have and many times....that is part of your job.

I know they are human....but the verb "to improve" applied to humans as well doesn'it? It is sad to see it doesn't seem to be part of that league vocabulary...

I have to admit that I am disgusted with all the bad calls made or not made that I witnessed with the Als in playoffs game clutch moments: 2000 Grey Cup, 2 pts converts wiht Haskins tripped by BC DB; 2005 Grey Cup, interference call against MTL in end zone, end of game and EDM scores a TD when they get 1st down and goal at the one...NOW they made the call that day and the game was on the line...what about that Mr Dunnigan? we took our pill and what was deservved by our player - he was beaten on the play, let move on...; 2009 Grey Cup 2 pts convert interference call not made on Alexander against Richardson, that would have tied the game at 27 with about 1 min left in the game....We won it anyways....that was real fun...
And now, Nov 2013 ESF...As an FYI I can tell you that Troy Smith was a little annoyed by that play....and he knows Football better than I do, and certainly as much as Mr. Dunnigan.

Raise my hat to Glenn Suitor that told right off: there should have been a penalty called on that play that was plainly obvious pass interference. That man always tells things straight, and I have a lot of respect for his work. He is the best analyst we have, that is my own appreciation.

This is ridiculous. I know you guys might probably censor my comments. But it is what it is.

We'll be back next year with a new Football team in MTL: new head coach, new QB, new RBs....we shall see.

I bought you an early Christmas present!!!!!! Wear it Proudly!!!! :roll: :wink:

I would like to add this thought to the PI discussion.

In several games this year, the colour of the team uniform seemed to reflect who was penalized, or not, throughout the season. However, with a few exceptions, each team had their bad day with penalty calls (as a whole) during the year.

I watched the Monteal/Hamilton playoff game, and in my view, it was a good 'no call'. The Ticat player was turning back to the ball when he ran into the Montreal player. (Did anyone notice the missed calls on Monteal offenders?)

Watching the BC/Saskatchewan game, there were, also, a few missed calls on both teams. However, they went both ways.

Personally, I think these playoff games, on the weekend, were probably some of the best refereed games all season. Granted there were some missed calls, but, I wonder if anyone (without rose-coloured glasses) could have done a better job.

Keep up the fair, and good work, to all the referees. As long as you are consistent, be it letting things go, or calling everything, for both teams, you cannot go wrong.

Good luck to all teams in the finals!

It was the refs fault. The cry of the loser. :wink:

Montreal and B.C. should have scored more points so reffing wouldn't be an issue. :wink:

I don't expect the referees to be perfect, I do expect them to be consistent. Pass interference calls this entire season have been anything but consistent. Anybody who says that the missed call in the Mont/Ham game was not PI is the one wearing rose coloured glasses. I was cheering for the TiCats yet I could see the obvious gaff. As for the call referenced in the BC/Sask game. The phantom calls frustrate me more than the missed calls. If you don't see it, don't call it. To surmise that something happened when it didn't, you might as well flip a coin every play.

Some people have commented that the bad calls go both ways, which is easily the most stupid way of excusing a poor performance. A blown PI call in the end zone is far worse than one in midfield and it seems the worst gaffs have been in or near the end zones.

As I pointed out in the Als section

Why didnt Hamilton score more points?
Had Hamilton scored more points it would not have been an issued either..would it?

I dont accept that excuse and I never will

You are saying that it is OK for the refs to be incompatant because the Als didnt score enough points...

You are blaming the Als for the refs mistakes!

Let me get this straight...given no two pass plays are EVER the same, you guys are enraged because there's no "consistency" on an inconsistent play?

PI is a judgement call kids and your tv screen is the worst seat in the with it.

So let me get this straight, you are saying that it is ok to call what you don't see. Being consistent means that if you ignore a call one way, you have to consistently ignore the call. You can't not make a call on one occasion then make it on another. Or as one commenter made with regard to the missed PI, I paraphrase but the commenter made reference that although it was PI the referees made the right decision because of what the fan reaction would be. I the refs are intimidated by the fans, they should not be there.

Did you see the play in question? Somehow I doubt it

its time the fans of all teams and the teams themselves banded together and told the league that the reffing is simply unacceptable.

This BS that the refs are human is not acceptable either.

if you go to a resturant and the food tastes like crap every time you go...Will you tell yourself that the chef is human and keep going back?
If you buy a product that falls apart in a week...wil you say the worker is only human and continue to buy that product

Im not saying that we should be boycotting the league....But as long as we accept what the league gives us...They have no reason to improve.

Since I'm giving out gifts......Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Just to expand on your thought

If grabbing the receivers shirt is PI in the first Quarter then its PI in the 4th quarter
If a hit to the head of the QB is RTP then its always RTP

The league wants to protect the QBs fine then protect them alll....we have all seen some QBs get drilled with no flag and others are simply breathed on and there is a flag

Thats what we mean by consistancy.
Call it the same way every time

You make me laugh

Your forum(ticats) is filled with thread after thread and post after post about how the league is againts the cats and how they dont want you to win....Its filled with them....

Post after post how the league has conspired against you

Even one where the owner changed the name of the tread

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=86339[/url] [url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=85991[/url]

Just 2 examples

And when a call goes your way...You have the nerve to hand out crying towels?


The Ref's AND the coaches, players and all league on and off-field personnel are PART of the outcome of the game.

How about consistency in assigning blame for a loss on EVERY mistake equally instead of dumping primarily on Ref mistakes.

IMHO, it is blatant player and coaching mistakes that have COST far more victories than any official.

Yes, the officials can improve and are graded after every game, which determines their further career opportunities in the CFL, but given the limited supply of talent (just like players and coaches) for the available $$$ you make the best of what you can afford.

Mistakes will happen and unless officials are on "the take" you accept mistakes, try to improve and move on. If you want perfection there are means to get very close to that but not without turning the game into an exercise in endless review and judgement, which would make it an unbearable experience.

Face it, the mistakes are what actually make it a "game".

Just how old are you? If you can only lampoon what is reasonable dialogue, you should take the silly cartoons back to kindergarten. I am not a Montreal fan and I was and still am cheering for the Ti-Cats from the East so you can take your crying towel and put it where the sun don't shine. Like my Dad always said, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. I started this thread to suggest that the league needs to seriously look at the PI calls in the off season.

I stand by that and if I have hurt your feelings by pointing out an obvious mistake that benefitted your team, too bad.

All I have said and this post goes back long before the seasons end, is that the league needs to look at ways to improve on the inconsistent PI calls. This is a problem and you don't solve problems by sticking you head in the sand and ignoring them.

Because mistakes by the player are supposed to be part of the game...Mistakes by the refs are not

Right but mistakes but the refs are not supposed to cost teams the game

Sure they can improve...but they dont...thats the problem We have been complaining for years but there has not been any improvement...Thats the problem. And why whould they if fans dont complain...Will a resturant improve its food if people keep comming back?

Im sorry no....How long will your employer keep you around if you make mistake after mistake after mistake?
Some mistakes are acceptable
The ref cant see every lineman and call every hold....Its understandable..but when a ref is 10 feet away looking at the is unacceptable to not call a PI when its right infront of his face