Pass Interference

The biggest play in the CFL belongs to the guys in the striped jerseys. Pass interference calls are not exciting, yet they move the ball long yards and often into scoring position. A lot of teams are throwing the ball up for grabs and hoping to get the call for pass interference. It seems to be working. Look at the Edmonton game.

The refs need to use more discretion on those plays. First of all, the ball is up for grabs, defensive players have every right to go for the ball. When the defensive player is chasing the play and puts his hand up to take the ball, this should not be a penalty. The interception by Hamilton in the end zone was a prime example. There is always going to be some jockeying for position, and some unintended contact but we are seeing way too many pass interference calls.

There seems to be no consistency in the way interference is called.

There isn't necessarily consistency in most other calls as well. It's something we have to deal with as fans. We can always hope for the best. After all, there is always hope.

Any sport that has human officiating is potentially subject to human errors. I'm not sure if this can be improved on or not. I don't know if the CFL refs are any worse (or better for that matter) than officials in any other league. I think they each are trying to do their best, but sometimes the results aren't always what we expect.

That was a terrible call, and what made the refs look even more bad was the fact that they reviewed the play, and determined that the Ticat player made a good play and intercepted the ball. But because there was a flag for pass interference in the endzone, Montreal still has possession on the goal line. BUSH LEAGUE!

Thursday night, in the BC vs Winnipeg game, I believe the Lions were moving the ball downfield late in the game, were stuck on third down and passed the ball towards Simon. A bomber player reached around his waist and prevented him from making a play on the ball. Pass Interference anywhere else in the football world but that play? BC quite possibly could have scored on the drive but instead because the refs magically put away their whistles, they lost, and winnipeg stole a W!

Something has to change, this year so far seems to be the worst in recent years, and makes the league look like a joke!

On that play in the endzone, the refs couldn't have been more wrong. They called pass interfence when there wasn't any, as I agree, the defender has as much right to the ball as the receiver.

Secondly, as they were coming down, the defender got possession of the football. As they reached the turf the Tiger cat had the ball. Yet, the zebras called it a touchdown. Even the review disproved that.

Earlier in the game, Hamilton got a fumble that was turned over by a bogus holding call. As I saw it, the ref that called the penalty was only about six feet away. Even Suitor commented that he could not see where the penalty took place.

Both errors proved costly as Montreal scored touchdowns on either occasion, making the game a lot closer than it needed to be.

And then at the end of the game Emry wrenched the helmet off Colborne's head. No Call. He should have been ejected and suspended. His stupidity and immaturity could have cost us a very valuable player.

Fortunately, the Tiger cats prevailed THIS TIME through sheer determination and talent.

The part of this that worries me is that the next time, the cost may be a LOT higher.

Do not take this the wrong way as I hate the officiating in this league with a passion but the interference call was dead on. Smith face guarded the whole way, not once did he try to see where the ball was before it was caught. It was also a great play on his part to steal the ball before he hit the ground. I am on vacation on the east coast but I did manage to see most of the game on the tube. (Good thing the wife was tired and went to bed). Smith had two I know of interference calls in this game and he has had quite a few called on him this season. He needs an adjustment by the DC or spend some time warming the bench. There was at least three times we stopped the Alouettes for third down and long only to give them a first down by penalty. That PO's me more than the officiating. Yes the officiating is bad but not all of their calls are wrong. Watch the play on TSN and you will see what I mean. The defender only has to glance back but Smith never even attempts to turn his head.

All DB's get called for pass interference at one time or another. Bo Smith (much to the chagrin of alot of "fans"), has played excellent so far this season. To suggest he should spend some time on the bench is just plain ludicrous. Speaking of another fanbase whipping boy (and a rookie at that), Carlos Thomas had an excellent game on Friday night. This secondary will only get better and better as the season progresses.

Ditto Shivers.

There are good penalties and bad penalties. Good penalties stop a potential big play a bad penalty is one that is dentrimental to the team. I am not beating up on the DB's, if you are a man you own up to your team mates and deal with what happens to you. Suck it up and get on with it, he is not the only player who has stupid penaalties. This penalty was a bad penalty, if he turns around he gets the INT and no penalty and Montreal does not score on the next play. At no time was he in danger of not making the play if he turns his head!

By the way that is what this form is about expressing your points and if you know anything about the game this is a valid point. Did I mention Thomas? Suck it up!

That might be my problem.....I don't know anything about the game.

I hate to admit it, but I agree with Coupe on this one. Smith did not look back for the ball, and was guilty of screening.

I do however agree that the consistency and correct calling of pass interference has been rather strange this year.

The problem of course is the call is very subjective, and in many cases can result in significant yards, and in some cases pretty much guarantee a touchdown.

I think there is some room for changes to the current rule. Personally, I think there are many cases where pass interference should be a 10 or 15 yard penalty, not the length of the pass or no call at all. Seems to me that there is a lot of contact on both sides out there, and the defense is taking the brunt of the calls. Also, when the offense is called, the penalty I believe is only 10 yards. How is that fair. They need to clean up the jersey tugging, waist grabbing, and pushing off before the ball arrives.

On another play in the Als game, a TiCat was interfered with and the call was waived off because the pass hit the uprights and therefore the pass was uncatchable. If the receiver was not interfered with the QB may have thrown the ball differently and not hit the uprights. In this case an obvious illegal contact was not called. Didn't seem like a fair call to me.

If there were any penalty that should be reviewable, this should be considered. These calls are often too influential on the outcome of a game, and ultimately need to be called correctly. I don't like stopping the play more for reviews, but I think it may be necessary. At least our replays are done pretty quickly, unlike the NFL.


I think you're right that if he had turned his head, he wouldn't have been called for PI, and might have still come down with the ball. It seems that the Ticat DBs are all focusing on the receivers' eyes, and many times aren't turning. This time, Smith got caught. Other than the screening, I didn't see anything else that should have been called.

On the other side, Smith's first PI penalty was what would be called a good penalty, as it probably prevented a TD. Green had him beat, so Smith grabbed him from behind to prevent him from catching the ball. Better a first down than a TD, right?

First, the ball was in the air when the infraction took place; otherwise, it would have been called illegal contact on a receiver and not forward pass interference. But I agree that any deliberate contact on a receiver downfield while the ball is in the air, whether the pass is catchable or not, should result in a penalty. If catchable, then it's PI with possession at point of infraction; if not, illegal contact for 10 yards.

Agreed. I actually think any play should be challengeable, and any penalty (or non-penalty) too. Let the coaches decide when to use their challenges.