Pass Interference: Reviewable?

Should have had CFL rules in the New Orleans game. Pass interference is reviewable. Happened in the 2015 game between Ottawa and Edmonton. The play looked almost the same as the one in the NFL. Non call was changed to pass interference against Ottawa. Rule was changed for the start of the 2015 season.

You win some; you lose some. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Even if they add video review people will still find fault.

I personally would rather football didn’t have video review as it affects my enjoyment of the game, which when you get down to it–should be the only thing that matters.

This is just my opinion, but egregious missed calls ruin the enjoyment of watching the game. I don’t mind a miss here or there, it balances out. But if it was clear and the refs just missed it due to a weird POV angle, or they were looking somewhere else, that detracts from the game for me.

I prefer reviews on plays to get it right more than I like the current situation in the NFL. I think everything should be reviewable and automatically called by a command center ONLY IF IT IS CLEAR. I say that in caps because it is the important aspect. If you are watching a game and listening to announcers debating a call. Is it a catch, did he fumble, was it pass interference, and they are not definite, I would prefer the game go on and they shut their cake hole. But if it is like it was in New Orleans, where you see multiple fouls on the same action clearly (Pass Interference AND defenseless receiver), it detracts from the game and enjoyment for me, and I would rather a dedicated official watching it radio to the head ref to throw a flag. The refs could huddle up while the video official looks at the play quickly again and if it is crystal clear beyond a doubt overturn from the field, radio it down.

At that point the head ref can turn on his mic and announce to the crowd either the penalty or “There is no penalty on the play for x due to y”

Now with all that said, a vast improvement over that, to me, is to simplify a lot of these rules so we don’t have so much that can be missed and make it easier for the ref to call the game, even if that means major changes to the sport, because they would presumably be for the better. But even simplified, there will be missed calls. I can’t imagine it being more simple than in New Orleans, and that call directly changed the outcome of the game.

A lot of penalties you can say ‘well if that was called, these are the series of events that could have happened after that’ and extrapolate that the game may have been changed. That’s different. In this case, 3 kneels and a field goal later the game is done. It would take a miracle squib return or Stanford style pitch fest to win.

It sucks for the Saints and their fans, and for people like me who were team-neutral fans of the sport who tuned in wanting to see a good game and the best team of the day advance. That play definitely ruined my enjoyment of the entire game due to it’s impact on the outcome.

The game will never be perfect, even if video review tries to make it so. You’ll take your lumps, get mad before eventually moving on…

I would say the Orleans game was blatant .

The Ottawa one was not so obvious .

There is not much excuse for that one to be missed. Close calls being missed…fair enough …this one wss horrid. This is the type of play that makes many call the game fixed

Adam Bighill on NFL PI rules compared to CFL

Well, of course the defensive player (Bighill) wants it to be harder for the offense.

…indeed, I’d like to hear Medlock’s opinion on this issue…