Pass Interference/Pick

Here is the video of the pick and PI.
I think it was the proper call on the pick and the non-call on the PI. The stills show Bowman's toe getting caught in the turf, thats why he fell, not because Estelle pulled him down.

I still think that 8 times out of 10 the official standing there is going to call that PI. He may have in fact just tripped, but the little push as he fell looked bad.

To me it comes down to the classic "Call everything/let them play" philosophy. They were both jostling and Bowman tripped.
A good call in my opinion

I agree with Dust, usually this gets called PI. But it didn't and that's the way it goes, sucks for us Cat fans but them's the breaks. Bad call but bad calls happen to every team, every league. Have to move on.

I dont think it was pass interference, it looks like Bauman goes to turn and trips, a good non-call. I didnt see the first game did they call that an interception? If they did, then it was a terrible call, because it looks like the ball hits the ground, and Estelle traps it.

They called it incomplete on the field. I don't see how there was enough evidence to overturn that.

The fact that his hands are up on his shoulder pads as he tries to push off should be pass interference. We have seen pass interference called on less then this. The refs have called pass interference on against a defender on Matt D. that was as obvious as this, I seem to recall they called Matt for a push off that wasn't as obvious as this.

The flag should have come out.

It should have stood as an incompletion. Estelle traps the ball, you can clearly see it bounce into his hands.

Thanx for the Video RO.
As usual, I completely disagree with your assessment.

It does look like Estelle pushes him a bit, but whatever... I think the real issue is the pick. It was ruled an incompletion, and I fail to see how that was enough evidence to overturn the call. The camera is still focused on Estelle's legs as he's diving for the ball. They should have just said there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call.

Oh well. Just more shoddy reffing from the officials...

So I guess in essence the official that was right there made the right call all along, and the head official goofed again.

I say it is the reverse,
The head ref got it right!

Balls in the air, defender has his hands all over the receiver, almost as bad as the face mask they missed on Roberts.

Oh well, it's been like that for the past 30 years I have been watching, why should we expect any different.

Reciever has his hands all over the defender as well, and he still tripped

The official had the right call on the field. How there was enough evidence to overturn that call is baffling, I would say another angle would be needed. It looks like the ball bounces off the turf to me.

I thought it bounced on the turf as well. There was in no way conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field. As weird as this sounds the CBC announcer was right that video evidence was inconclusive

ro1313 doesn't want to admit that the call was messed up by the officials because that would mean that Montreal didn't really deserve the victory against Hamilton on the weekend.

He is desperatly trying to convince people, but there is no evidence that the ball was intercepted.

I agree, if the pass was more accurate, instead of way short, there might have been a PI call. This is actually a good example of a good noncall for a change.

Oh please!

Why do I need to convince anyone?
The refs made their ruling and that is all there is to it.

After being here for less than a month, you are in no position to pass judgement on me. If you read my posts you will see that I call them as I see them, even if it is against my team.

Just because I've only been registered for a month does not make me ignorant. I have been looking at these threads for the past couple of seasons.

I'm not a Ticat fan, so it's not sour grapes that I am complaining about the bad call in this game.

You say you call them as you see them, even when it is against your team. I searched several pages of your posts (I couldn't do all 667 of them, but didn't find any that supported a bad call that went against your team.

Could you please post a link to one of your so-called "call it as you see it, even if it is against your team" posts? Thanks.