Pass interference on the last play of the West Final?

Esks were practically given a TD on pass interference call in the end zone in the first quarter ....... the 2 plays of the game involved alot of receiver/defender contact.....shouldn't the last play where Geroy Simon was bumped have been flagged with an "illegal contact on the receiver" call?
If the officials call them early in the game, shouldn't they 'impartially' call it consistantly throughout the game?

Ya, it was questionable, I think the biggest reason it wasn't called is because Simon ran right into the guy, who was essentially just standing still. Simon still could have made the play if he wasn't so busy complaining to the ref. There was a lot of interference that was let go out there today, on both sides, I agree the reffing wasn't very consistent.

.....and perhaps if Simon wouldn't have given up on the ball and made more of an effort in reaching it in the endzone, he could have "sold" (lack a better word there) the pass interference better.....from my TV vantage point, it appeared as though he was more worried about looking to see if there was a flag than if he could catch the ball.....but it should have been a penalty nonetheless.....

The reffing wasn’t very consistent, I agree. I didn’t actually scrutinize the play that much, but I’ve heard that Simon quit running his route. I think that the refs were smart enough than to basically hand the game to BC for a stupid penalty which would cause lots of controversy. Furthermore, it wouldn’t look good because BC had just gotten a HUGE pass interference call, so that if they did get a PI on the last play and got a TD to win, it would have been heavily ref-aided. Whats done is done, we can’t change anything about it.

there were so many calls...holding, late hits and stuff that should have been...but nonetheless, the bc offence didn't do enough to win the game. had printers started the game, it would have most likely ended differently...and that is a coaches fault...two years in a row!!! dickenson out...buano out...and printers in and if there is any coaches out there...

But who do we get? Buono should go, he has let his personal feelings get in the way once too often. O'Mahony should have been replaced 4 months ago, and DD should have been pulled at the half.

Well as a Fan that was there i can honestly say simon QUIT his running route to complain about a call hmmm a lil backwards i think....maybe finsh the play then worry about the call.None the less the Eskies won :stuck_out_tongue: and really thats al thatl matters.Lions could have avoided alll of this earlier in the season by letting Printers take the #1 QB position,Too bad it took losing in the Western Final to the Green and Gold to figure it out,So see ya Dickenson as i am sure we wont be seeing you in a lions UNI anymore.Lets keep the cup in the West Go Eskies Go!!!!!!!

The defender is allowed to run his lane. I think Simon cut inside and bumped the defender. As much as it hurts me to say it, I think the officials got it right on this one.

We lost because we didn't make the move to our backup quicker. (Look at how it changed for Edmonton!) And even though there were only 3 sacks, Mountford and the Edmonton Defense were constantly legally knocking down the QB's as the ball was thrown. The lack of a BC Runnung game also points out the weakness of the Offensive line all season!

Good luck Eskies. Win it for the West!

I don't believe the weakness in the running game is solely due to the O-line. Watching Warren, and the successful RB's for the other teams, what I noticed is Warren is unable to adjust to a closed hole. Every other successful RB this year has adjusted, moving to the outside if the lane he was supposed to run in was closed, Warren rarely made that adjustment, and that, IMO, is a big reason why our running game sucked for the last half of the season.

You can't win a game wih only a pass attack, you need an RB who can read the holes, and adjust as necessary...and we don't have that.

I don't know, I mean, the reffing in this league hasn't improved much after changes in the off-season, but it shouldn't have come down to that to seal a team's fate. Anytime you depend on a hail-mary pass to win a game, you know you don't deserve to win it.

Hey, tight games are the exciting games. I do not for a moment believe that needing a hail mary to win means you don't deserve to win, it means that both teams are very evenly matched. In a situation where you have two teams that are so well matched, the reffing is, in fact must be, the deciding factor. If the reffing is consistent, things will work themselves out.

When the reffing is as inconsistent as it was yesterday, the refs can make the difference between a team winning or losing.

Now, that being said, would consistent reffing have changed the outcome of the game? Personally, I think it would have, I believe that the Leos would have won if the reffing had been consistent.

There are two problems that I see with reffing in the CFL.

Firstly; lack of instant replay. I don't care if the game lasts an extra half hour, if it means that the calls will be made correctly, and one challenge per half isn't good enough, 3 or 4 per half per team would ensure full honesty amongst the refs.

Secondly; refs should be fined if upon review of the game they are seen to have missed obvious penalties. Penalize the refs for making bad calls will also help to ensure full honesty amongst the refs. If they know that after the game is over, they could end up losing a chunk of their salary upon an official's review, they will be more likely to make the correct calls.

Ok when you pull you big cry cat outta your butt! You would have noticed that the callls were going either way again after watching the game LIVE and also being an Eskie Fan,The calls were not being made for either side at times.So dont blame the Refing maybe look at the players that didnt come to play for the last 8 or 9 games of the year.

'Twas a gift to the Eskimos, it had the hand of Hugh Campbell all over it.. it's a force to powerful for the athletes on the Lions..
on the other hand, when do we start complaining about No-Big-Win Dickenson.. 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and this year.. a lot of big losses in big games!

This is truly incredible is there no class here. Your team sucks and then blame the ref's hmm sorry Rider fans it does happen with other fans. No go cry in that klittle hanky. Go Als Go

I think Antonio is a fine versitile back. When he had success running, the line was moving the D-line back. Antonio is a north/south runner and so yes, he does have problems looking for other opportunites other than his assignment. But 50% of the time our O-line looked like a house of cards or just plain confused. Also the D of the other teams in the league began to figure out our complex schemes and adjust. Shotgun= pass. Under centre=run.

We need a two back package rather than a feature back in our scheme.

As for the last play, Geroy should not have put his hands up calling for a penalty, he should have either dove for the ball or fell down. Diving would have proven the ball was catchable, ball at the one, and falling would have given us illegal contact on a receiver and a closer redo.

But other than that, screw those refs and hopefully we're not embarrassed by a bunch of zebras with their heads cut off calling the big game for the Grey Cup.

yeah, the refs werent the the best, but they DID make the right call at the end.


Good or bad call, the Lions shouldn't have put themselves in that situation in the first place.

But they did, in their 5 last games…games lost by 3, 2, 1, 1, and 5 points.