Pass Interference On Cohen?

Cohen played very well and has good speed, is also an excellent kick returner this guy should have been playing ahead of Davis, just my thought.

No way, Tom. That was a crap call.

In fact that was probably one of the worst called games I've seen in years. That makes a season like this even more frustrating to me. It's pretty sad when the commentators say "sometimes when you're a last place team you don't get any breaks" That Cohen call was a joke. The Bo Smith call was a joke and they missed two late hits on the QB and a hands to the face call on one of their D-lineman. I'm not one who often complains about the refs making a big difference in the game, but this one is painfully obvious. That ridiculous call on Cohen changed the face of the game. They would have screwed us again on the short kick if it weren't for the replay automatically going upstairs within 3 minutes. I can deal with us losing... growing pains and all that crap, but when we play our hearts out and every call goes against us, it makes me not even want to watch anymore.

The Charlton hit was definately a late hit. Casey was voluntarily going out of bounds. No need for Charlton to even touch him.

Yes, I tried to add that missed call to my post above but for some reason it wouldn't allow a second edit.

IIRC, video replay showed it was rush end Gavin Walls who had his hands up into Dyakowski's face mask during his rush and after the play ended, Walls gave Dyakowski a solid, 2-handed shot (I guess because Walls had been well blocked). Two missed potential penalties on the same play... hands to the face and roughing. Yet somehow we often get caught for holding, usually on big plays.

Dyakowski would have no doubt been nailed if he had responded in kind but instead he just looked at the ref as if to say "aren't you going to call that?" (rhetorical question obviously as Walls wasn't wearing black & gold.)

IMO, too many highlight (or lowlight) reel incidents involving the refs and Hamilton over the last number of years. When the TSN studio crew and on-air announcers comment, you know something is not right.