Pass Interference On Cohen?

The absolute worst call I've seen in the CFL and I've seen a lot of bad officiating over the years. Wow. Makes me wonder if the CFL refs have money on games with bookies...

Another totally bogus phantom call by the Ireland Crew...

Krap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oficiating out west again ,what else is new?????????????

Two words “@&*#in Joke”

Wasn't that Steen who made that call? But whoever made it, it sure was marginal. It was at first referred to as a push-off, but it was more of a touch.

Although Jake's crew WOULD have made the call against wasn't him.

It was Steen's...and Bud didn't make the call either.

Does this not make you think that they just dont want or think that we cant be successful on plays that are for positive yardage ????

what about the fake punt ?????????????????????????????????

As a Bomber fan, I agree that call did look like BS. Then again I thought Charlton's hit on Printers shouldn't have been a penalty either. I guess I just wasn't on the same page as the refs today.

Also the fake punt looked like a classic example of blocking before the ball was caught. I don't think there should be any outrage over that call.

I agree it was BS.

The Charlton hit was too high IMO. I would have made that call.

Article 2 – By Team A
(a) On a play from scrimmage, a Team A player may interfere with an opponent
from Dead Line to Dead Line commencing from the instant the ball is snapped,
except in the case of:
(i) a play during which a forward pass is thrown across the line of scrimmage
(ii) a play during which the ball is kicked across the line of scrimmage.

Rempel caught the ball right at the line of scrimmage. If that isn’t considered to be “across” the line of scrimmage, then the blocking downfield should be allowed.

Hmmmm no reply on that one from the Bomber fan . i wonder why ????

 I guess you wouldnt have much to say on a play that took 7 points off the board and a play where we had you  totally fooled and most likely would of led to more points . I can show you 2 plays that were for big gains that were blatant holding . We are in games and the refs just suck the life right out of the players . It`s awful and must change for the fortunes of the team to start winning games !!!!

This is why I am done 20 years and out. The terrible officiating makes this league bush. How in the hell can you call something that never happened? Did you think you saw it happen. League does not care Bobby Young does not care and I am done. I will spend my entertainment dollars on other things but not the bush league CFL .

Refs even tried to screw us up to the last minute with the blown call on the short kick off.

One of the major things they should be watching for is "did the kick travel 10 yards?" and they can't even get that right.

I posted after the last game that it seems the Cats get shafted by at least one major screw up by the officiating crew per game, whether it was the very questionable Cohen "push off" (much worse instances do not get called), the fake punt blocking call or the blown short kick off. With all the close games Cats have lost this year (7 points or less) those questionable calls could easily be the difference between a win and a loss. As mentioned, TSN had the Cohen penalty as the turning point in the game.

As a fan I'm tired of the Cats losing seasons, but I'm getting more peeved at the questionable officiating we seem to attract (helmet-to-helmet hits on our QBs not called, receivers being wiped out as the ball is thrown or being grabbed in their routes with no calls, opposing QBs over the line of scrimmage with no call, etc).

Cats certainly deserved to lose games this year but there were many close ones where they deserved a better fate. With most teams in the league being really close re parity, the refs shouldn't be deciding so many games.

That's not whining when you can back it up with seasons of video evidence.


8) Anytime you see Bud Steen and his crew officiate a TiCat game, you can bet the Cats will get screwed in the penalty department each and every time !!!
  Steen and his crew of incompetents, even make Jake look good  !!!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Sorry He did push off it was a Good Call

And did the onside kick go 10 yards??

Not sure what they might have been watching to miss that one....unbelievable!

I have some bias for the Cats but all season long I have noticed that the Cats get the bad end of the calls. Most often the bad calls wipe out a really good play for the Cats. The team has problems winning games but it seems that for some reason the refs are extra hard on the cats. I watch almost all of the CFL games and I have to admit a lot more none calls go on with other teams.

I just knew this was going to be a tough game to watch not only the refs f!@#en bad calls but their little troll of a kicker who usually cant hit a cow in the ass with a shovel started kicking like the Great OZ.

Don't tell me there was a push off. There is pushing and shoving every time a receiver goes down field with a defender close by. You call them if they are obvious and the defender is pushed to the ground but that was ridiculous.

The refs should almost be invisible in a game. Let the players play. A penalty can be called on every singe play but the refs seem to pick and choose the plays they make the calls on and they are often the big exciting plays that fans on both sides of the ball want to see. The refs in the CFL seem to want to be the starts of these games. Someone should slap them on the side of the head to smarten them up.
I don't even want to watch these games anymore because of the stupid calls that interfere the flow of the game.
And Ireland and Crew are the worst of the lot. CFL management has got to get rid of these morons.