Pass Interference Challenge is a Joke

After watching the overturned PI call against BC I've had it. In no way whatsoever was that PI. There is no consistency in that challenge. It makes our league look like a beer league.

yes, it was PI by way of accidental tripping.

But it wasn't.

you mean you just couldn't see it.

CFL control got it right; end of story.

Agree with their being no consistency in the reviews

Are you saying that you didn't see a trip? (I did.) Or that the trip shouldn't be interference.

[b][u]RULE 6 - PASSING[/u] SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS Article 9 – Interference By Both Teams After A Forward Pass Is Thrown[/b] (b) Should the forward pass be thrown across the line of scrimmage, the following shall apply: (v) Tripping an opponent from behind shall be considered accidental pass interference.

I thought this thread was about the PI challenge in the 1st quarter of the Argo game. You mean they blew it in both games? I just started watching the Hamilton game and only made it as far as the PI challenge early in the first in the Argo game. After that stupefying call and the ever worse challenge decision I erased the rest of the game. When the officiating is that horrible the game is unwatchable.

you’re right it wasn’t pass interference.

it was however incidental contact and thats what was called. they got it right. the defender tripped up the ticat receiver

Never saw the play. Got as far as the no yards call against the onside player and erased the rest of the game. Two games tonight and I never got out of the first quarter of either. This is by far the worst season in CFL history.

Too bad you did that dcmoses because they discussed that later and showed how in fact it was the correct call as the player was inches in front of the kicker at the time the ball was punted. You missed quite a good game with some great plays on both sides of the ball. Super defensive play by the Cats and over 300 yards of passing by Collaros.

If there was indeed accidental PI then I must have missed it. Nevertheless I stand by my post that there has been zero consistency this year regarding the outcome on this challenge.

since no two, three, five, or ten plays are exactly the same, of course there will be inconsistency.

Humans are an inconsistent species. Its only human. Complaining about it is like hitting your head against a brick wall.

I watched the video and he was NOT offside. The kicker released the ball on a yard mark and the player flagged was BEHIND that yard mark. CC blew another one and I find the games far too frustrating to watch when the officiating is that blatantly incorrect.

Maybe I missed some great plays and performances, but a good game, absolutely not. Nothing good about the game when you have no idea what the officials are going to call. Miss a play OK, officials make mistakes, but when video review blows the call that is clearly on the screen I'm no longer watching a fair game I'm watching a game that is at the whim of and discretion of a completely out of touch and stupid (as far as football goes) individual who may or may not impact the outcome.

I tune in to see the player decide the game not some clueless moron in Toronto that has no clue how to call a football game. Johnson was the worst official in the league when he was on the field and he's translated that incompetence to the CC and is killing the game.

That is by far the most ..........ill informed statement (to put it politely) I have seen you post. Do you ever read what you post?

Every play is different so the calls MUST be inconsistent. Humans are an inconsistent species.

I never agreed with your opinions about officiating, but I always respected your opinion......until now. That post is ludicrous.

guess it was a little too deep for you 8)

You really are that clueless? I shouldn't have expected much in the way of intelligent discussion from someone who can't even spell "Footbal".

Hate to tell you but had you not erased the rest of the telecast and watched the half time you will have seen Lapolice do a freeze frame illustration showing that it WAS THE CORRECT CALL. Even all the Ti-Cats fans (like me) had to admit that was the case and many did just that on the game thread - satisfied the Control Centre got it right.

So it seems you missed a pretty good game getting upset on a call on which it was shown you in fact were wrong and the officials in fact had it right.

sorry you feel that way

as for my spelling, it was deliberate.

I did it that way when I first signed on to espn and nfl boards about 17 years ago. Just wanted to make sure I was unique. Signed up the same way on 13thman and the old cfl fan huddle. Sorry if it offends you.

And footbal(with one L - which I'v not noticed before - lol)youbet - Lapolice did in fact prove the Control Centre had the offside kick call right - so on that one you are right and dcmoses is wrong.

So if in fact dcmoses stopped watching and erased the rest of the game after that CORRECT call - his loss - because it turned out to be a pretty good hard fought close football game just like Chris Cuthbert said on his sign-off.