Pass interference calls

Without pointing to any specific call or lack of call, there seems to be no consistency whatsoever in how the CFL officials call pass interference. It has to be very tough on the defenders when they have no grasp on what is called on any given day.

its impossible for consistency when it comes to PI calls, simply because there are so many variables involved when it happens.

it's not black and white like scoring a TD, when it's simple as "did the ball cross the LOS?"

these are complicated.

I agree 100%. Unfortunately the inconsistency is the determining factor in many football games. Case in point Calgary and Hamilton - Calgary intercepts in the end zone on what should have been an interference call. The Calgary defender had strong-armed the Hamilton receiver away from the ball and had hold of his jersey - no PI call - no points for Hamilton and win for Calgary.

You need to keep in mind that your view on TV is VERY different than the official's, who is only yards away. The camera angle frequently hides that tug on the arm or jersey by the DB that makes the difference between it being PI or not. The ball needs to be "catchable" as well......but ask any official and they will tell you it's one of the most difficult calls they have to make.

Consistency has nothing whatsoever to do with variables. Consistency has everything to do with calling it the same way consistently throughout the season. If a play is called a certain way, then it must be called that way every time.

The reverse is also true. There are times where the positioning of the players hides that tug on the arm or jersey from the official's view but it is seen on the replay.

I'm fine with the fact that officials can make mistakes, it happens. What I have a problem with is not calling plays in a consistent manner. There seems to be a wide discrepancy on the way PI is called and it is not called consistently IMO.

I think you're looking for consistency in a judgement call where every play is could be waiting a long time......

I think the best that can be achieved in any sport is each official is consistent from game to game. There is no way all of the crews will call things the same way but if each crew is consistent with calls then teams know what to expect.

Totally agree.

you cannot possibly make the exact same call on every play where there is a possibility of a PA call.

there are things that you have to consider when making the call..

.. is the ball catchable?
.. is the player protecting his space?
.. was he going after the ball?
.. was it coincidental contact?
.. did the receiver push off enough to make it legit?
.. did it affect the outcome of the play?

you can't just say, oh he touched him!! PASS INTERFERENCE!!!

because no two plays are alike and you have small things that can change the call.