Pass Interference Call on Uncatchable Ball - Please Help!

I need some help explaining the call made on Friday nite.

On an overthrown ball, a penalty flag is thrown, Pass Interference is called and the ref even says that the ball was uncatchable. Now, isn’t it when the ball is uncatchable that flag is picked up?

I won’t even mention the fact that the flag was thrown by the back judge 25 yards away and not the side judge who was standing there.

Please help!

A penalty is still a penalty.

It wasn't given the typical pass interferance (spot of the ball or 15 yards) because the ball was un-catchable.

But the fact that the QB made a bad throw shouldn't excuse Gordon from not being able to cover properly.

Yes and a penalty is still a penalty when the guy interfered with Bauman in the end zone and no call is made right ??

 How many calls were made against Hamilton by a ref who was 20 - 25 yards away from the play ? How come the ref that was right beside the play wasnt making the calls ??

Your points seem to contradict each other.

Do you want the right called to be made, or are you concerned with which ref makes the call?

I have said it before (because I heard it from both Sazio and Henley) ----

     " Good teams win games in spite of the officiating, and never use the officiating as an excuse for a loss".

Not arguing that it was the case in the instance you are referring to, but sometimes a referee further away has a better angle to see what happened. Sometimes the referee nearby has his view of say the ball or a player's knee blocked by the body of one or more players

The official simply said the call incorrectly. It was deemed illegal contact down field, or holding whatever you want to call it, i.e a 10 yard penalty, instead of pass interference because the ball was "uncatchable."

But Illeagal contact is before the ball is in the air. They called the right call, pass interference because of when the flag was thrown. This is the first time I have seen then not pick this flag up on an uncatchable ball.

I'm a baseball umpire and can tell you the basic rule of all officiating....

Angle trumps distance.

This means that an official will first try to get the proper angle for a call, rather than get closer. As an umpire I will often sacrifice 20 feet if it means I can get the perfect angle at first base.

I don't see how football officiating would be any different.

I dont care what Sazio said or anyone else for that matter , the Ticats are getting the short end of the stick as far as officiating this season . I am a season ticket holder and I have seen some very very questionable calls this season . It`s as if they are saying , " They arent a very good team so if the QB is out of the pocket they must of held for him to get their , I better throw a flag "

The pass to Bauman in the end zone was a penalty and probably changed the whole comeplexity of the game when it wasnt called  . If it was the other way around you know it would of been called against us . The defender was beat ,  Bauman had position , so the defender did what he had to do to try and break the play up . It was a no brainer call , Why wasnt it made ???

A good example is last game it`s second and long and we complete a pass with Porter scrambling and completing a pass downfield deep in Calgarys end . A holding penalty is called and now it`s second and way long . Guess what ?? Porter completes a pass for the first down and i bet you already know what comes next . That`s  right , a penalty and of course we dont connect on the third try and a scoring chance is wasted . Did we deserve the first holding penalty ?? Maybe , but too many times this season a successful play is called back on penalties . We dont make second and long once , no we do it twice and still they call a penalty !!!

The calls that bother me the most are the ones where Porter or earlier in the season Printers ( the best scrambling QB in the CFL  no less )  gets away from pressure and complete a pass and holding penalties are called . Sure on some of the scrambles maybe there were some holds occuring i`ll agree on that , but when i watch an old man like Calvillo  do it and NEVER do i see a holding penalty called well it gets me to thinking something is wrong with the way they are calling them against US !!!!

 I know i`m gonna read about how we dont have a good team and  blah blah blah we deserve all the calls we get . Well I dont agree and i`m sure there are plenty of people on here who agree with me that these refs have to start calling the penalties not with what team has the ball but with blinders on who is playing on what O line !!!!

Agree about questionable officiating.

It was the same deep back judge who was very late with an interference call at another point in the game (Calgary receiver over the middle in close contact with 2 TiCat defenders, no flag thrown until the receiver (#85?) got up and started whining, then suddenly the deep judge throws his very late flag). It was either a penalty or it wasn’t, no need to think about it or be influenced. And where were all the holds on TiCat receivers as they TRIED to get down field?

re holding, funny how Cats get called so often yet other teams are practically perfect (separate from perceived quality of the OL talent). IIRC, Calgary wasn’t called (were they nailed at all?) until very late in the game when it’s often conceded that holding could be called on a majority of plays. Same vs Montreal in previous game… apparently their OL was perfect and never hold, yet somehow DL players are being tackled.

TiCats seem to have at least one very bad call made/not made per game.

Was it vs Montreal or Winnipeg where an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit on Porter was not called? Even the TSN halftime crew highlighted the play and all agreed it had to be called.

Game in Edmonton when Miles got nailed over the middle (by Barenechea) as the ball was thrown yet no call. (Even going back (to the Maas era) and the very obvious non-call with Bauman vs Eskimos (Maas pass when Bauman had his arm yanked as the ball arrived))

Numerous others in numerous games that leave you shaking your head.

Inexplicable calls/non-calls… makes you wonder.


The first thing they teach you is positioning. Just because you are right beside the play doesn’t mean you could properly see the infraction happen… I suppose this why there’s more than a couple of officials on the field…

catchable ball or not, its interference. It doesnt matter.

It never is when they do it to us.

I am talking about the actual ruling as opposed to the cats getting screwed over again, lol.

(ii) If an official deems a pass uncatchable and Team B has committed
pass interference, it shall be deemed pass interference on an uncatchable ball.
(See Rule 6, Section 4, Article 9 (c).)

Rule 6, Section 4, Article 9 (c)

(c) If a player commits pass interference when a forward pass is deemed
uncatchable, it shall be ruled as “Pass Interference.?

Beet, I ain't gonna argue with you. IMHO, the call should be "illegal contact on an eligible receiver". To me, if the ball is uncatchable, then there should be no interference call.

thats the ruling. what it should be is up for debate but thats it from the rule book.

The uncatchable ball nullifying an interference penalty is an American rule. The current Canadian rule (posted by Beetlejuice) was put in the rulebook two or three years ago. And whether they call it interference or illegal contact, it doesn't matter because it's still a 10 yard penalty.
I don't remember what the previous Canadian rule was, whether it was the same as the American rule or simply just like any other interference call (10 yards or point of foul).

I absolutely agree with this statement. When I coached minor Hockey I used to above all else try to keep the kids from focusing on the officiating and just go out and play. I was a Hockey official and I know first hand how difficult it is to see everything. I tried to be fair and consistant and that was all.

As a fan I can tell you the officiating in the CFL is inconsistant at best and that is very frustrating. The worst for the cats seem to be that for some reason when a critical call is subjective it rarely works in our favor, and while it isn't an excuse, it is a reality. I don't think any official intentionally calls against the cats. I just don't think we develop a good program for producing quality officials in the CFL.

Have you ever watched many CIS games? The officiating there is unbelievable inept....and so on down the system.