Pass interference call in Calgary game

For the most part this was a great game and penalties made little difference one way or another which is what I like to see. That being said, the pass interference call against the 'Riders (Omar Morgan if I recall correctly) on the Stamps last touchdown drive very nearly cost them the game. It was quite apparent from the replay that there was no interference. My understanding is that penalties can't be challenged but in a case like this that just seems ridiculous. If the hit occurs after the ball arrives it's obviously not interference so why can't you challenge this? If the correct call was made the drive ends (it was second down) and the Stamps don't score a touchdown, and no last minute heroics are required.

To the 'Riders credit they showed a lot of character in coming back with their own touchdown and the defense pretty much shut down the Stamps from there on.

Yeah, that play came on a second and 12 - without the call the Riders had the stop. It was a phantom PI call. There have been more than a few of these this year.

I know that the ref's are not perfect and that it must be hard down there with the speed of the game but these guys are there because they are supposed to be good if not great at what they do. The refs need to spend time during the week just like players watching game film and getting used to seeing the mistakes and the great calls and keeping up with the speed of the game. I dont get paid at my job for doing a half-assed job. 1 bad call/phantom call can cost a game or a home playoff game (which I might add can bring in huge revenue for the home team) or worse a championship.