Pass Blocking

I am glad our running game is so dominate and when it is; it is supposed to help the passing game! When does that happen. Our pass blocking is absolutely horrible. When Printers does have time it's dink and dunk.
Stay with me and correct me if I am wrong. As I know a lot of you will LOL

The running game is working (games 2 and 3). The defense will tighten their box in order to contain our run game. When the defense starts coming up and they safety is jumping up you go deep. (more than 20 yards) I find it hard to believe that year after year we are picking up receivers who can't get open. Every other team has guys that are getting wide open every game and not just against us!

The run, run is great but it is just going to get Jesse beat up more. We can't keep asking him to keep running through half the team and expect him to stay healthy. Can anyone imagine how much yardage he would be able to pick up if we actually had a good passing game.

The guys up front need to protect and give Casey time. I understand that sometimes it will break down and he will have to scramble and that is where his athletesism (sp) is beneficial. However play after play of not finding a receiver down field...

I know the coaches will be disecting the film but come on guys if Casey hasn't got time then find some guys who can give it to him. If you are saying he has lots of time then there is a problem; why is he not finding the open receiver? If there are no receivers open then why not? Is it the speed of our receivers or there route running? Or is it that the play calling is so flat and pedictable that the coverage is easy? I hope the coaches find the answers and soon.

Side note: how many times did Casey take off and run last night?

Backwards or forwards?

Casey was running for life after the first offensive play ..... who is coaching these guys. How can we look fairly decent one week and absolutly terrible the next. The coaching - the plans and the preperation is substandard.