Pascal Cheron

Suspended? Anyone have any info on this?

Havn’t heard anything, where’d you hear he’s been suspended?

I recall a few players in the past having legit reasons for showing to camp late and even with the teams permision they still have to go on the suspended list.

In the press release on this site where they announced 2 player releases. Later it says three players, including Cheron have been suspended.

Thanks, a couple of LB's on the suspended list also. Interesting day before the first full practice.

Just heard on CHML that Pascal was suspended as a formality due to illness.

Yes, and on CHML Greg Marshall said something about it being done to open a training camp spot. Marshall also said that Cheron is in good standing with the team.

It was also interesting to hear why Steve Suter was released. He was injured, and I think Marshall said he won't be able to play for another month.

Coach also said that they suspended both Chris Ball and Brian Oddi.....their request apparantly and the suspensions, instead of releases, give them an option to change their mind down the road...

Chris Ball is down south filming a movie in which he has a large role according to the coach...

Coach never elaborated about Oddi....

Beutjer failed his medical?...ouch!

Wasn't Beujter expected to fail his medical? I was of the understanding that he'd badly blown out his shoulder. Am I incorrect in this? that you mention it.

Well, it's too bad he's released now at any rate and we never did get to see much of him....but that's the business I suppose. Good Luck to him in the future.He carried himself well here.

Chris Ball is huge on special teams - this oner hurts the most in my opinion!