Pascal Cheron

When did Cheron retire? I only saw one line in the Spec on the weekend saying that with his retirement… and I never knew he retired. I knew his knees were bad but no a word I heard about retirement.

Truly regrettable. A gentleman, who happened to marry a girl from Sudbury. He will be missed.

He told me last year He was looking at Retirement

Talk to him and convince him to give it one more year. I know I would kick myself if I was him, and the cats make it to the Grey Cup & won it.

Long shot I know but Murphy's law is Murphy's law

Convincing people to do things is also known as manipulation. He is a big boy and can decide for himself just fine..

All the best to you Pascal! Thank you for your years with the Cats!

I Respect My Friend Pascal..
He has Chance to Teach full time at Hamilton French Immersion School this year.

He will be making the City Hamilton Better as Member of it's Community.
He will be staying in Hamilton it is his home.
So if dose Retire I wish him Luck.
The Decision is his

His knees make the decision easier. He's done.

I never said "The Decision is his"

Ah when spring comes the call of pigskin and crashing helmets fills the air.

Sorry Zen...

I don't know how that came up that way and excluded Onknight's comment. It was he that said it.

My point was simply that Pascal's knee's will make his decision much easier.

Carved out a good career on some bad teams.

But if the offense is really going to miss him then we are in huge trouble.

When I made the 2007 Good Bye Video Message From my Site.
He told me He may Retire.
Said his Knees are Pretty Sore.
He wants to start a Family Soon.
He Feels playing more He may not walk too well after.
Pascal Wants to be able to play with his soon be kids.

If Pascal Came back I'd be happy to Welcome him back.
But He told me he 95% Shure he was done.
That why I Made Pascal my 1st Goodbye Interview.

I'd Be Surprised to see him back
He Told We have some good young Kids to Take his place.

You may be mis-quoting Pascal there Tom.....he and his wife already have at child was at "stroller-age" in the spring of 2004

Well He still want to be able to play with Kids.
Present and Future I can Respect that .