Pascal Cheron speaks up.......

I've always been a big fan of Pascal and this is why.... :slight_smile:

Adversity will test team's mettle, says veteran Ticat

July 31, 2007
Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 31, 2007)

Eight-year Canadian Football League veteran Pascal Cheron has had enough.

The big offensive lineman says the Tiger-Cats will do whatever it takes Friday night to earn their first victory of the season.

"When it's hard, you fight hard, and when it's harder, you fight harder," Cheron said yesterday.

The veteran guard said the adversity will test the team's mettle.

"Who are your real friends, who is going to fight with you, who is going to start to whine, who is going to start to bitch, who is going to start to be negative, who is going to want to start to live football and who is going to stand up, step up and fight for what he believes in?" he said.

Cheron said the Tiger-Cats have some extra incentive with the Blue Bombers coming into Ivor Wynne Stadium after pasting them 36-18 on the prairies.

"With back-to-back games, if you're not hungry, you have a major problem," he said.

Cheron said the club must understand the mistakes it has made.

"We have to start playing together and we have to stop being Santa Claus. We gave the games away," he added.

I really hope he means these words but I'm from Missouri. Show me.

An Argo-Cat fan

bout time SOMEBODY in this organization places blame where it belongs. Too bad it has to come from the bottom up

Taaffe has been say the Cats have been giving games away from the start.

And doing nothing about it. Meanwhile the GM and owner are both making excuses about penalties blaming the league and not their own players

Good post....unfortunately its hard to tell if this is lip service or not. its def the right thing to say and often times in sports it becomes programmed in you to know what to say. hopefully it will be proven. we ll see.

Pascal is, and always was, a real leader.
It sure is good to see him back in the lineup.
We need more Pascal's on this team. :cowboy:

Cheron has got a lot of heart!! If every player on the team has his attitude. the cats will win on Friday. This is a do or die game for the season