Pascal Baillargeon

Added to practice roster. Former Rouge et Or OL cut by Hamilton last week.

Had to start a new thread, didn`t think it fit the "Unbelievable" one. :smiley:

Richard, who do they release to make room for him?

That should give reporters something else to focus on :lol:

Vite comme ça, je crois que Roy pourrait écoper.

I doubt that a Non-Import will be released.To me, the possibilities are:

IMP WR D.L. Moore. In and out on a few occasions,since beginning of season.

IMP DE Brandon Denson. He could be added to active roster, if Kuale is released or added to 1 game injury list.


Dang my broken glasses...

I thought it said Patrice Bergeron was signed by the Alouettes

Now THERE's a guy with the guts to play football

:wink: :wink: :wink:

According to Als practice roster, NIP DB Lance Milton is no longer on the roster.