Partnership with Reebok Ends. Signature Uni's Gone

New deal with a different apparel maker starts in 2016. Article says likely it is Nike. The signature uniform designs are owned by Reebok. That means that the league would have to purchase the rights to use them if used beyond this year. Personally, I thought the Stampeder's one looked good. Other ones were pretty bad even the Lion's which seem to be fairly popular.

Didn't like any of them. I know some really like the Lions jerseys but I thought they were ugly and that's the only jersey I can remember.

No big loss.

True and the Stamps one was designed by the the organization since the orignial Reebok signature was so ugly. This is a good move for the CFL.

This could end up being big news as Under Armour and Nike have been waging war (as in throwing ridiculous amounts of money at sport entities), in efforts to promote their brands. Should see big $$$ increases for the league from what Reebok was giving them.

As for alternate jerseys, no big loss there since they all were different shades of ugly.(with BC being the lone exception). Those should also drastically improve if Nike or Under Armour win the rights if their previous work in this area is any indication.

Precisely why I avoid getting into all that alternative jersey, logo, etc, crap.

We don't need them anyways. The sweaters we have are good enough.

Glad I already picked up my Grey Ti-Cat jersey. Love the way that one looks. Better rush to get my custom white one. Not a fan of Nike at all, especially their fugly NFL V collars.

That is great news. I hated those. Montreal and Winnipeg were the worst. Sask was a laugh. BC was the most popular , but you could not read the numbers because the numbers were black outlined in orange.

Never understood what the point was. Ego driven Rebok marketing guys I guess.

I also hope they get rid of the alternate helmets. My Stamps look like the old Ott RR. Edm look like the Memphis Mad Dogs

I would like to see retro jerseys and helmets during Labour Day weekends and playoffs.

Just the jersey's not the entire uniform.

Some were awful, some were meh, some were slick.

BC, Hamilton, Calgary got away with good ones

Ottawa and Toronto almost had decent ones, but then they ruined them with the hockey style logos

Montreal was alright, but not epic

Sask almost had a decent one, but they ruined it with the numbers.

Edmonton, we were left thinking why did you even bother?

and Winnipeg was left with a crime against nature.

Whoever gets the contract will want to design their own set of jerseys.

Those Nike V-collars in th NFL are horrible. I hope most current jersey/uniforms stay the same.

That's too bad. I liked partnering with Reebok....

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS Jun 8
Put your money on @adidasfootball to be the new licensing partner starting next season. #CFL

Clearly this new commissioner is a marketing mover....4 new major moves in his short tenure. And never taking centre stage.

The Ottawa signature jerseys were awful. I hated those damn plaid jerseys and especially those plaid helmets. I really like Toronto's and Edmonton's helmets with the big EE's. I'm hoping that Nike brings better uniforms for Ottawa. They have the most boring uniforms in the league with the black unitard look and no striping. If they could only give Calgary's uniforms to Ottawa, the RedBlacks would finally look like a team from Ottawa. I agree Calgary's uniforms and black helmets look more like the Rough Riders than the RedBlacks do.

When can I get an Ottawa Rough Riders' spring jacket??? :cowboy:

I'm seeing a trend here, you like helmets with big letters on them. I like those helmets too actually. I'd like to see Ottawa with the big R back again but I guess that won't happen.

Adidas owns reebok. So really it woudnt be a change in provider. When adidas bought reebok the nba teams switched to adidas jerseys.

Interesting. I didn't know that Adidas had bought Reebok.

I expect we'll see new signature uniforms every few years regardless of whose label is on them. That just seems to be the way these days, and I guess it produces more sales $ for the teams, so it's a positive in that regard.