Partnering with Rogers Sportsnet somehow

Ok, I learned recently that doesn't have a real discussion forum like and that it is regarded that the Sportsnet site is the no. 1 hockey forum, at least in Canada. And looking at it, it really does get huge numbers for the NHL forum there.

So I'm wondering, should the CFL somehow, and I'm not saying get rid of this discussion site necessarily, somehow get all of us posted on the Sportsnet forum site and get the CFL numbers up, and maybe in the process get some young kids more exposed to CFL discussions. I've also heard that Sportsnet has a lot of young posters not only in hockey but baseball and soccer and basketball as well. ??

I post on Sportsnet.

So do I, I'm EarlGrey TIMH, who are you? I only post for the most part in the CFL but occaisonally in the hockey and NFL ones.

Actually I was just on and they don't seem to have a discussion forum also. Interesting, you would think that leagues like the NFL and NHL would have them, or maybe I'm missing something here?

I've seen nfl forum stuff on CBS's site.... never really explored it, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't there somewhere. Maybe the leagues figure that the chatting will be done other places, why bother to set their own up?

I'm not sure 42 what is going on here really. Why did the CFL decide to set this up but not leagues like NHL or the NFL? Maybe I'm reading more into this than what it is, maybe the number of posters on any discussion forum is so insignificant, it is a non-issue.

I wanted to say that it's cause the CFL was ahead of the curve...... however, that's not overly likely.

Maybe you're right tho, that the number of posters might not be significant to a larger league, but with the smaller fanbase the CFL has, it might be a bigger percentage, therefore making it make sense to provide the service themselves... I probably wouldn't go to nearly as often if it weren't for the forums.

Well...the answer is quite simple actually...We are focusing on being "Fancentric". The league is built on fans and is trying to offer new technologies to enhance the fan experience...what better way to enhance your experiance then by connecting you (the fan) with other likeminded or not likeminded persons so that you may discuss football...with the entire nation...seemed pretty logical to us.


Not to mention it gives this office a resource for engaging the fan and provides a window into what are currently the hot topics...

Makes sense to me CFLpm, perfect sense, thanks for this info. Of course, our intelligent media minds in this country like Steve Simmons bashes the CFL site saying it is kindergarten and doesn't even mention that it has a great discussion forum. What is wrong with these kindergarten writers here?

The most populator NFL forum is at

Earl, I think I have the same username. I posted in your thread about the Grey Cup being a national treasure.