Partisan Thread -OR- [Your Team]-Boosting Here

You know what grinds my gears???

[THAT OTHER TEAM I HATE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT MY TEAM] is so dirty. They always hit late, and that dirty SOB [OTHER TEAM’S PLAYER] intends to injure. In fact, last game, when [MY TEAM] played [THAT TEAM], [OTHER TEAM’S PLAYER] hit [MY TEAM’S QB] late and there was no flag!!!1!1!1!!

This only happens to [MY TEAM]. [MY TEAM] is the victim of a giant conspiracy!!! I hate [THAT OTHER TEAM I HATE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT MY TEAM]! They are soooo dirty. The league should do something about this.

There. Literally every fan of every team can post in this thread with impunity.

not me. I feel so left out, sigh

This thread has real entertainment potential. :thup:

I once hated Calgary because one, I say one, of their players deliberately hit an already injured Lancaster with a cheap shot after the whistle. That's as bout as close as I ever got.

You're gonna lose it on my 'Most Rude' City' poll.
Or 'Most Decrepit City' poll, or 'Best Strippers" poll.
You know you started this.

[i]You talking about Hamilton? Johnny has always thought of Hamilton as the big pothole between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Toronto, great sophisticated city. Niagara Falls, great natural landscapes and museums.

Hamilton, Timbits and Whiners...[/i]


Still waiting for the 3rd Stooge

Let's see. I start a light-hearted poll intended for laughs, in order to satirize the kind of fans who would defend the behavior of Jeffrey Dahmer if he played for their team. And then you post ... this. Which makes you exactly that kind of fan.

Also, if you think any Montrealer cares about what someone from Hamilton thinks about Montreal, you are vastly mistaken. We know that Montreal is a great city, one of the best places to live on the continent. So your cheap shots don't bother me at all.

All jesting aside... only Cox is truly dirty. He makes Hebert look like a choir boy.

I think it's unfair to call Montreal as a team dirty, as was done in the poll of another thread, but Cox as an individual player is in a class all his own.

Someone needs to explain to him that face masks are not tackling handles for defenders. He's going to break someones neck one day.

FYB is full of goat wash - clean hit by Dick Suderman back then [1970] on that Lancaster sack.

I hate all teams in the CFL besides the Riders. They lie, and they cheat when they play the Riders. Not to mention those officials. No wonder this team is 1-11.

I don't know if we talking about the same play, but the Calgary player got a penalty.

:D You're getting it! :thup:

I, too, hate all teams in the CFL besides the Alouettes. They are all filled with cheaters and subpar players and coaches who pale before the brilliance of my Als. And the refs are out to get us. I especially hate [RIVAL TEAM HERE].

I was down in NY state, wearing my Argo hat, and some guy at the hotel comes flying up to me, to inform me that he was and still is the biggest Memphis Maddog fan. Would not shut up about Pepper Rogers and loves the CFL.

That other play and player may have been John Helton.

I think you may be right TF

[i]Get off Cox! You're obsessed with Cox! Cox is the only thing that comes out of your mouth.

You ranted about Cox in that other thread that was deleted, and now you're starting again here. Enough! The guy is a 2 time Grey Cup winner, CFL Defensive player of the year, and a multiple all star!

It's time for you to go through some Cox withdrawal and leave the guy alone :cowboy: [/i]

I will if you leave this forum forever. Deal?

X2 :thup: