Partie # 9- Montréal à Ottawa

I do think that N FS Jermaine Gabriel is a good addition; as ALSfortheCUP wrote,"he can beat Cranston."

He will most probably be on the active roster no later than Friday, May 22, 2021 against Toronto.

They had signed QB Quinten Dormady, 6-5, 219, in December 2020 but released him in May so that he could have a tryout with Green Bay

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Well he's tall. Better than short :slight_smile:

Jones might need to modify his playbook just a little.

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Lets talk after the game and compare notes.

Fortunately, the Als still had 2 quarterbacks leftover from their off-season roster who never got a look at training camp. If Quinten Dormady does not work out, the Als could always give Philip Nelson a chance.

Too bad team never added anybody back then who were dedicated returners. It would be one thing if the Als consciously decided not to dress a returner because of the ratio, but this team does not even have that as an option.

Justin Dunk yesterday said one of his sources told him that the Argos are shopping Nick Arbuckle as they are comfortable with McLeod Bethel-Thompson as the starter and Antonio Pipkin as the backup. Farhan Lalji later gave a similar opinion saying the Argos might choose to keep Bethel-Thompson over Arbuckle.

I would not mind having Nick Arbuckle in Montréal, but I doubt that Danny will try to get him.

Given the QB situation in the CFL, I will not be surprised if Nick Arbuckle ends up in Edmonton, more probably in 2022.


If Toronto is shopping Arbuckle they are foolish. How many backups have been pressed into service this year? How many 3rd stringers have seen action even? Having 2 QBs who can play is a huge asset that at this point in the season I would loathe to give up.


Not sure Toronto want to trade Arbuckle to there rival

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Jennings a été un désastre partout après sans super saison. C'est malheureux qu'il ait cassé comme ça parce que c'était intéressant de le voir à l'oeuvre quand il était à son meilleur.

22 octobre, peut-être? :wink:

Je pense que Gabriel est un prospect intéressant, mais je ne fondrai pas trop d'espoir sur lui, du moins, dans un avenir immédiat. Il a été à l'écart du jeu un certain temps et aura à appréhender le système avant de faire ses preuves.

Donnons-lui un peu de temps.

Yes....he looked so great that year, and was terrible after that.

Gabriel played corner for the Argos for several seasons but had weakness in his man coverage skills. Generally not a good weakness to have. Not sure why Maciocia would bring him in after all this time except that he's Canadian, but bringing in a DB who has issues covering just to make the ratio might say a lot about Maciocia's Canadian scouting. If he wanted to recycle a Canadian DB Tevaughn Campbell would probably be a better option, but really one would think that there would be plenty of Canadian LB type athletes out there that could be more effective as a special teamer to satisfy the ratio. Does he really just look up old rosters of the last 10 years and/or speed dial some of his ex-Carrabins and think that that passes for Canadian scouting?

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Campbell is with the Chargers and he's not close of being cut. He's actually better with the Chargers that he was with us. For Gabriel, I think they see him more as a FS

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Yes, free safety is where bad GMs traditionally try to 'hide' Canadians who can't cover (Cauchy Muamba, Scott Gordon, Craig Butler, etc) in the secondary.

We'll see. Go ahead, Danny and Jermaine, prove me wrong. what does he have to do to prove you wrong?

Gabriel can play really well in man coverage, help the Als win some games and justify Danny's signing of him as a good one. :+1:


Yea, I thought it was kinda funny too. :stuck_out_tongue: But I suppose that it's possible.

Can I be the judge if he helps the team to wins? Or is that your job to do?

Quick question -Did you know Campbell was in the NFL?

Anyway I do enjoy your posts for the most part.

I forgot that Campbell went NFL and had no idea how well he was doing down there. I don't follow NFL very closely.

We can all judge Maciocia or anyone else for that matter. And really my original post was in response to LeStaf, who we all know is critical of DM. :wink:

Oh he? :slight_smile: