Partie # 9- Montréal à Ottawa

It depends what they are looking for. In this case I think they want an IMMEDIATE security blanket in the event Schiltz craps out or gets injured. A raw rookie is not that guy. Callahan and Etling are developmental prospects. I suspect they are looking at guys who have played the position in the CFL or AAFL,XFL,NFL.

Potential guys: Landry Jones or Jordan Ta'amu come to mind.

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Joe Callahan played a pre-season game with Green Bay of the NFL, in 2016. On December 19,2017, he played one regular season game with Green Bay.

Landry Jones is 32 years old.

Jordan Ta'amu is 6-3, 214 and 23 years old. He played 5 games in XFL in 2020. Played with St.:Louis BattleHawks.


Not much older than Bethel Thompson :wink:

When McLeod Bethel-Thompson came to the Argonauts in 2017, he was 29 years old. He has almost 4 years of experience in the CFL, if we exclude year 2020. Can't compare with Landry Jones. The QB signed won't have years of experience before playing, if a QB is injured.

The best scenario is still Trevor Harris or Antonio Pipkin. -alphabetical order- For Harris, Danny would have to offer a second round draft choice and for Pipkin a fourth of fifth.



I doubt outside of trading for Harris, that anyone they sign has the potential for an immediate impact.

                       Bring back Joe Dirt!


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Danny Maciocia said he is not giving up a 1st or 2nd round draft pick for any quarterback. Besides being 35 and rumored unvaccinated, Trevor Harris is making too much money. Als have been so frugal with salaries that they have not bothered to look elsewhere to replace a kick returner who was hurt 3 games ago.

Maciocia also essentially dismissed any talk of acquiring players from other CFL teams because the Als are not willing to pay whatever is the asking price.

So whoever the Als sign in the next day or so, we are talking a free agent quarterback who is willing to come in at minimum salary and become the 3rd string QB. For the rest of the regular season, Matt Shiltz is the starter and Shea Patterson is the backup.

Best case scenario is for Shiltz to play well enough to lead the Als into the playoffs and by then, Vernon Adams is healthy enough to become an option.

Good decision by Maciocia, mature decision, Harris was a FA numerous times and was never interested in playing in Montreal and he doesn't fit Montreal's offense at all anyway and the minute he's got a piece of rubber turf in his facemask, he turns into Casper.

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I don't know why but after reading that. I have the theme jingle from " I Dream of Jeannie" playing in my head :joy:

Yeah, I wouldn't touch Harris either. Guy has zero heart. You hit him early in a game and he'll be a non-factor.

I like Ta'amu but Jones is to old for my like. And immediate security blanket will be tough to find, even Brady would need adaption

C'est pourquoi l'option de Pipkin n'est peut-être pas mauvaise, même pour lui. Si la blessure d'Adams le tient à l'écart ou a un impact qui se prolonge (Ricky Ray a déjà passé par là, et je pense que c'est aussi le cas de Matt Nichols présentement), Pipkin pourrait avoir une autre opportunité de se retrouver avec un poste de partant. Il lui suffirait de faire mieux que les autres au prochain camp d'entraînement. Il n'aura pas cette opportunité avec Bethel-Thompson et Arbuckle devant lui.

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He just sign with the Seahawks on there practice squad, that's probably why he was released

Si un Quart des Alouettes est blessé, ils seront vraiment dans le pétrin.


Khari Jones said Chris Schleuger hurt is knee and is out for the next game. Jones then mentioned that Nick Callender would be in uniform, though I suspect that depends on the health of Tony Washington.

William Stanback returned to practice. Whether Cameron Artis-Payne dresses along with Stanback or not will be determined if the team can fit both in ratio wise.

Philippe Gagnon and Tyquwan Glass were practicing as well. But since today was a essentially a walk-through, the Als will know more after Thursday's practice whether of not they are well enough to play against Ottawa.

Should the Als ever be forced to play a 3rd quarterback in a game, the person handling those duties would be Geno Lewis who played that position in high school.

Pierre-Luc Caron hurt his peck muscle and could be out for awhile.

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Damn! I was hoping to see Schleuger's playing time increase.

Don't really know Dormady, he had a try out with Green Bay this offseason and he have have the ideal size you want from a QB.

Gabriel is a Canadian 6 yrs starter with Toronto as FS. I think he can beat Cranston who didn't really show that he can be a valuable starter

I read on here that Montreal would be the underdogs. However at this writing they are a 5.5 favorite.

I know that James Franklin's stock went way down in 2019 but as a vet with strong mobility and a couple of 300 yard passing games in his career, you'd think he'd be worth a look right now when green sticks like Caleb Evans and David Watford are throwing for 130 yards per game. :shrug:

Jennings was a disaster in Ottawa.

I agree. I dont see any other options. Bringing in an American unfamiliar with Canadian football isn’t going to help in the short-term.