Partie # 9- Montréal à Ottawa

It almost have to be a QB who is already in the CFL/with another team. Agree that there are not too many options.


Je rêve…mais Harris contre Stanback? On a vu qu’on en a un bon entre les mains hier. Betts en plus de Harris?

Je réfléchis…:thinking::joy:🤦🏻

Outre le fait que ce potentiel .change ne fasse pas de sens, les Elks ont déjà James Wilder Jr

Continues de rêver onurb31. Stanback demeure et demeurera à Montréal. Betts a fait quoi en 2021? Blessé souvent. Ménard est meilleur que lui en 2021.



Je sais bien…

Pour être honnête, j’espère que Shiltz aura sa chance. Il a été un gars d’équipe et il la mérite.

Un champ-arrière avec Artis-Payne et Stanback pourrait être intéressant. Petites passes latérales à Artis-Payne afin de contrer le blitz, ça pourrait être payant.

Not too many QB's on other teams practice rosters. I count only 5 and 4 are rookies.

Saskatchewan: Mason Fine. Rookie. 24 years old. North Texas.
Winnipeg: Dru Brown. Rookie. 24 years old. Oklahoma State.
Hamilton: Jalen Morten. Rookie. 24 years old. Prairie View A&m.
Toronto: Cole McDonald. Rookie. 23 years old. Hawaii.
Antonio Pipkin. Veteran. Former Alouettes. 26 years old. Tiffin.

Amongst these 5, only Pipkin would make sense.

I doubt that Danny will trade; won't give more than a third round choice. As he said, he will most probably sign someone from the USA who, unfortunately, won't be ready before end of October. Hoping for no more injuries.


These are 5 guys that I like from the US side :

Kevin Hogan
Alex McGough
Nic Shimonek
Ryan Finley
Anthony Gordon

In order to sign an American QB, the player has to be on the Alouettes negotiating list; yes, they can trade with another team that has a player on their list and that the Alouettes would want to sign.

Amongst the QBs listed by the Alouettes on their negotiating list during
the past 2 years, 1 QB who is not in University and is currently a free agent is Joe Callahan from Westley University. In the past years he had tryouts with many NFL teams. Could be a possibility.

If a QB from USA is signed, it has to be soon.


Wouldn't mind getting Pipkin back. Still young, great arm. Otherwise, we ride out the year with Shiltz as the no. 1 and bring in a US QB as a long-term project.

C'est pas mal le scénario qu'on peut voir venir. N'importe quel joueur qui n'est pas déjà au Canada devra faire sa quarantaine avant même de pouvoir travailler sur le terrain avec l'équipe. La saison sera presque terminée. S'il y a recrutement, ce devrait être un quart qui est déjà dans la ligue.

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Interesting perspective ... my view of him has always been that he doesn't make quick decisions ... as with the sack for a safety earlier this season ... time will tell ... I hope to be proven wrong, but I don't see Schiltz being successful.

BC today released former 7th round NFL draft pick QB Danny Etling from their Practice Roster. Lions let go Shea Patterson to make room for Etling. Etling ended up lasting one month with BC who now have just 2 QB's on their roster.

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And even at that, no experience with the Als let alone the CFL game.

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In the interview with Joey Alfieri, Danny Maciocia was talking about the team going through their neg list, picking the top 5 prospects, contacting their agent to see if they are interested, and then deciding who among them would be the best QB to bring in.

He throws a prettier football than Adams, definitely. I agree that his decision-making isn't particularly quick. But that's also age and inexperience. Regardless of how we feel about it, this is Shiltz's team now. Let's hope Jones and Bolduc can help him have success running our offense.

Shea Patterson is on the practice squad. Maybe we will see him sooner than expected...


You're right. According to Vercheval on RDS, even in practices, Shiltz hesitates throwing the ball and hangs onto it. Not looking good.

Moi je l'ai toujours vu Betts comme Middle LB. Dans la CIS il avait un avantage athletique sur la ligne, mais pas dans la CFL. L'echange a faire c'est les droits de O'Donnell. Sinon on attend apres la saison, c'est la derniere de son contrat de 3 saisons.

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Joe Callahan and Danny Etling could be interesting option to