Partie # 9- Montréal à Ottawa

Les Alouettes et les REDBLACKS vont se rencontrer pour la troisième fois cette saison; la partie sera à Ottawa ce samedi-après-midi.

Dans les prochaines heures/le prochain jour, on connaîtra le niveau de la blessure à Vernon Adams Jr. Pas trop optimiste à l'heure actuelle et encore moins s'il est absent pour longtemps.


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Now, the Imposter has an excuse if his team misses the playoffs.

Could we see a little of Patterson if Schiltz doesn't work ?

J'ai peu espoir qu'on puisse gagner samedi, même si Adams Jr n'était pas blessé. On a tous vu comment la ligne offensive s'est écroulée après la blessure de Schleuger. Si les partants ne reviennent pas, le Rouge et Noir va blitzer et en mettre plein les bras à Schiltz.

As much as I feel badly for VA and I truly do ,I think Schiltz is more than ready to play . I look forward to watching him this weekend and think he will surprise many.

I do hope that you are right, everyman, and, as we say" Donnons la chance au coureur". If the Alouettes win 2 or 3 of their next 6 games, they will probably be in the playoffs; if out, as HfxTC wrote yesterday, Danny will have an excuse.


Good god . VA's injury has nothing to do with DM. Let's see how Shiltz does and hope for a recovery of VA. We have a player play balls out for the team and he receives a terrible injury diving for a first down. DM and people's hatred of him is not helpful or fair I don't think. But I'm sure no matter how it plays out will disgruntle some. I'm just glad that we saw some successful depth yesterday. A LOT of depth actually.

Richard is 100% right. If the Als don't make the playoffs, the impostor DM will use VA's injury as an excuse.


If Stanback is healthy, one option, to take the heat off Shiltz, might be to dress both Stanback and Artis-Payne and place a greater emphasis on the running game. Doing so would also take some pressure off that extremely banged-up O-line. Let the big boys attack in run-blocking.


What is Jonathon Jennings doing these days? He is only 29, knows Khari Jones' "Heave and Hope" offense & threw for 5000 yards in that system, and would probably sign for close to the minimum.

Vernon Adams has been 6-gamed.

Sad news, but not a surprise. He showed a lot of courage taking that dirty hit and still getting the pass off. Time to see if Shiltz can carry the mail.

What is Kevin Glenn doing these day ? :sweat_smile: :joy:

Yeah I like this idea If they can manage the ratio. One thing that I do like about Shiltz is he seems to make decisions quickly and is very quick. He throws a tight spiral which is an easier ball to catch than the wobbler that sometimes comes off of VA's hand.

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Even if Stanback is not ready to play, I would hope Jones uses Artis-Payne as much as possible for the reason you mentioned.
Not to mention, he gained 122 yards yesterday. I think he proved he can carry the load.

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I would not be surprised to see Als go after Harris in Edmonton. They are seemingly given up on him and Montreal and Edmonton have been willing trade partners in the past.. That said my preference is to see Schiltz succeed as the new guy and get a solid back-up.

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Who knows, Danny may try to get Antonio Pipkin from the Argos.


four, five game cheques remaining at best by the time his quarantine is over. A guy would have to be destitute to agree to this. Not going to be easy to convince anyone,