Partie # 8- Ottawa à Montr´éal

Yes someone propose his name

Je suis 100 % d'accord avec le fait d'avoir des doutes avec DM, et qu'il doit faire ces preuves. J'ai moi même quelques doutes surtout sur le US scouting mais mon problème est le fait de chercher des bibittes sur chaque move qu'il fait

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Il y a personne ici qui critique chaque move the l'Imposteur. Meme je te dirais qu'il a recus des eloges de la plupart d'entres nous pour ses signatures pendant la periode d'agents libres cette annee. Son comportement est plutot se qui cause des questions.

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I agree the official backup would not be getting starting reps, but they should know the playbook enough and have enough natural ability to run a scaled down offense.

They are pros. I just see it as hedging your bets. If Shiltz is of the same quality as Adams, big if, but if he is, would it not be better to have him take over for a series or two if Adams is struggling?

Let's work through that. Tight game Als losing 12 to 6 in the fourth. Jones says Matthew get in there. Matthew is cold, throws an interception and it is returned for 7 , now the Als are down 19-6 and you look at Adams and say was trying to help you sorry, get back in there. Als lose 19- 13, nobody remember Shiltz, just Adams who gets the loss hung around his neck.

Imagine what that does to the roster. Confusion, anger, division...

Team game, team loss.

But I also imagine scenarios where its a tight game, Adams (or Shiltz, depending on who is the hot hand) is struggling, new QB comes in and is able to get the ball moving. Als get better field position or a TD and suddenly have a lean, and the walkoff is able to secure the victory.

I'm of the opinion that having options never hurts and using them every now and again can be beneficial.

Lets see what Shiltz can do, it all may be a moot point. But I hope he does well.

If this was pre us expansion CFL, it would be great, back then they actually practice full time and coaches could spend times outside of main practice with players, now this is prohibited all in the name of allowing players to hold another job, which 99 percent do not. This has really affected the ability of teams to develop QB's and impacted the quality of play in the CFL. The tackling now days is almost amateurish. Every team running their cookie cutter playbooks. Sad...

I wont disagree. Cutting practice time on the field and running more video sessions has had that effect. Almost makes it so you just want your backup to be a natural athlete more than a technical specialist like Calvillo.

That said, lets see how Shiltz does. He may very well bomb. Or he gets 1 game and then the brass decides to bring in a rusty vet who doesn't know the playbook.

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This is true. His very first order of business in his first game back in 2014 was to spear Drew Willy in the back. He has made many questionable and dirty plays since then. However I believe that on this play Kanneh was committed to the hit and was able to sidestep and only graze Adams (although he was leading with his crown). It was #36 that was clearly late and piling on and deserved 15 yards on that play.

Yes, that was a HUGE guts play for the team to keep them alive on 3rd and inches. They may never have had a chance if they could not convert a 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 6.

The guy slaps some tape on his ribs and keeps playing. Next week he rolls his ankle and is ruled out of the game. Then he comes back after half time with a heavy spat and engineers a comeback win. This week he takes the hit going for the marker with the game on the line. Adams and Reilly have the same blood in them.

Of all the great things that you can see in a football game, stuff like that is my favorite part.

Vernon Adams, one gutsy dude. :+1:


I really appreciate this summary of the last few weeks. Adams has taken a lot of criticism, and I agree that some of it is well-deserved, but this young man has put his body on the line for our team game after game. Would take him over Trevor "I fold if someone threatens to touch me" Harris all day, every day.


Agree about Adams putting it on the line for the team.

With regard to Harris. If you could have him on the team for the remainder of the season and it would cost a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick, would you do it?

At least he has CFL experience and I would feel allot more comfortable having him holding the clipboard than someone who has not been in the league this year or even at all.

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NOBODY is suggesting Harris is a stronger option OVER VA . Only some would like him as a an experienced QB behind Schiltz.


Yes in a heart beat for me.

Uh, I never said or implied that.

I was merely offering my comparison of Adams and Harris. You really need to relax.

1 Like is difficult to say what seems to to be a strong implication though.
I'll take your word for it.

It would only make sense if he wanted to be in Montreal. Otherwise it is a waste of time, money, draft picks and SMS

They say timing is everything. Als LS Pierre-Luc Caron was injured last game and will have to be replaced by a relative inexperienced guy in Zach Greenberg. A week ago Martin Bedard would have been available, but he has since signed with the Elks to replace their injured LS Rempel.

And will Shiltz (please spell his name correctly everyone) still be the holder and have enough practice time to work with the new LS? So many things to worry about, so little time!

With all the QB talk, I'm still flabbergasted by the Trevor Harris we've seen this year compared to the guy who shredded us in the 2019 semi-finals. He has to be dealing with something.

And in the off-season will Maciocia sign a free agent QB like Arbuckle to make it a real QB competition? Or will Adams continue to be the anointed one for better or worse?

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