Partie # 8- Ottawa à Montr´éal

La partie contre Ottawa ne sera pas facile; le joueur qui m'inquiète le plus est le retourner/receveur Devonte Dedmon. Contre Edmonton, en 8 rebours de bottés, il a gagné 250 verges et réussi un touché. Les unités spéciales devront l'arrêter.

On devrait avoir des nouvelles des blessés dans les prochains jours. Heureusement, que la partie est seulement dans huit jours.


Richard, on va détruire Ottawa! Il faut noter qu'ils jouent mercredi.


La partie d'Ottawa contre Toronto nous avantage en théorie. Je pense qu'on peut gagner à l'Action de grâce. Leur front défensif n'est pas très bon contre le jeu au sol malgré Cleyong Laingh et ils n'ont toujours pas de receveur étoile. Par contre, si Evans continue d'impressionner, il ne faudrait plus compter Ottawa comme les perdants d'office.

Tu aimes le mot détruire, Sheldon; hier, c'était "destroy the Tiger-Cats"; je me contenterai d'une victoire. Le fait qu'ils vont jouer ce mercredi devrait aider les Alouettes.

Comme Lucas l'écrit, "leur front d´éfensif n'est pas très bon contre le jeu au sol", qui est la force offensive des Alouettes.

Espérons que Vernon Adams Jr. jouera comme numéro 1 et non 2.


In an article from Tim Baines today, he writes that the Redblacks liked what they saw in Devonte Dedmon during their 2019 training camp. However, he sustained a strained hamstring during the final preseason game and would be out 4-6 weeks.

Instead of placing Dedmon on the injured list or releasing him, the Redblacks suspended him. This is confirmed via CFL Transactions. Baines continues and says Dedmon returned home and worked hard hoping to get another chance. Five weeks later, Ottawa transferred him from the Suspended List to the Practice Roster.

Seems to me like the Redblacks misused the Suspended List, but that would be hard to prove and I doubt anybody in the league office actually cares on way or another.

Young untested QB and we've got film on him now. Miles better come out with his most aggressive game plan on defense. Blitz a lot, smack Dedmon around, make him hear footsteps every snap. Then throw in the cover package as a change-up and force him into mistakes/interceptions.

This is a winnable game. If the Als are a serious team, they should win this one. Get those Ws while we can because we've got Winnipeg coming up and it will likely be ugly.

Les Alouettes ont, apparemment, signé le secondeur Frédéric Plesius.

Ils sont "mal pris". Ah oui, il est du Québec et a fait "patates" à date. Danny aura la formule magique.


I am guessing they signed Plesius to back up MLB, as they may have to sit out one of the Internationals (likely Tre Watson) in order to dress Chris Schleuger because of the o-line injuries.

Probably the reason, Sheldon, but he is "en quarantaine"; I doubt that he will be ready for next Monday.

If they dress Schleuger, they don't have to sit Tre Watson, who did quite well on special teams. RB Cameron Artis-Payne could be a possibility. Except for 2 runs in overtime and a kickoff return, he was not used, which surprised me.


Yeah it was interesting they went with Artis-Payne on the 2 carries in overtime. Stanback does have a bit of history of fumbling.

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If Washington is doubtful, the best thing would be to transfer him to 1 game injury list and dress Schleuger; I am not a fan of dressing these 2 A OL, since only 1 can be on offensive line at same time, unless a WR or DL is on reserve. None of them on special teams.

Anxious to hear about injuries, particularly to Sean Jamieson.


In the post game press conference, Khari Jones said William Stanback had asked to come out of the game in OT. That is why Cameron Artis-Payne was inserted to carry the ball twice.

Since there were 2 Ti-Cat possessions between the times the Als offense stepped on the field, the assumption would be Stanback sustained some sort of injury which hopefully is minor.

Hoping that at this time, next Monday, the REDBLACKS won't be saying to the Alouettes: Thanks for Giving us a win.


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Plesius de retour. Un autre show de boucane!

Je n'ai rien contre lui personnellement, mais il a eu plein d'occasions de se faire valoir, et il n'y est pas parvenu. Qu'est-ce qu'il va apporter de plus? Il va être le substitut de Chris Ackie?

Quelqu'un cherche à détourner l'attention de quelque chose d'embêtant.


Dans un autre ordre d'idées, les Alouettes n'ont pas le droit de perdre cette partie. C'est un adversaire tout à faire à leur portée, et ils doivent s'imposer.

Il faudra changer le plan de match parce qu'ils leur ont montré un gros bout de leur cahier de jeux lors de la dernière partie. Il va falloir que l'attaque prenne le contrôle de la partie et donne les devants à la défensive. Celle-ci ne peut pas perpétuellement sauver les meubles. Et les Alouettes n'ont pas l'équipe pour jouer du football de rattrapage. Les adversaires ne gafferont pas toujours en fin de partie, alors autant finir le temps réglementaire en avant.

J'espère que pour y arriver, il y aura un meilleur équilibre entre le jeu au sol et le jeu aérien. Certes, l'indiscipline force à recourir davantage au jeu aérien, mais cette ligne offensive travaille bien. LBJ prépare ses gars comme un champion, alors qu'il est un entraîneur recrue! Certes, il a un QI bien au-dessus de la moyenne, mais c'est admirable de voir le travail qu'il fait avec son unité. En portant davantage le ballon, les risques de punitions offensives stupides sont diminués, et on profite de ce que Stanback fait de mieux. Certes, on augmente le risque qu'il perde le ballon, mais il ne passera pas son temps à faire des échappés. Stanback impliqué est souvent la recette gagnante pour cette équipe.


According to Herb, the Alouettes are awaiting MRI results on offensive linemen Sean Jamieson and Philip Gagnon who suffered lower body injuries. If these 2 players are out for 1 game or more they may have to consider starting 2 A OL. If so, I say that they will have to play 1 less A receiver.

In this article, Danny said that he thought that they would be better than 3-4. He basically blames the coaches, particularly defensive coaches. He said"the players are there".


Boy, with a guy like Maciocia in charge, those coaches must feel really secure!

"It hasn’t come together for many different reasons,” Maciocia said. “Some of it’s player related. Some of it’s coaching related. In my opinion, the players are there."

Typical snake stuff. First he says it's a mix of issues: player and coach. But then he says he thinks the players are there ("in my opinion" lol -- you're the GM, Danny -- either they're there or they're not, but you should know either way). So really, it's a cowardly way to say that the players aren't the issue, the coaches are, which basically gets him off the hot seat.

If Herb gave a crap about being a journalist, he'd have pressed Maciocia on the lack of Canadian content and the lack of impact any of Maciocia's signings, apart from Coté. I mean, God, our linebackers are a in a pitiful state and we let Muamba go.


Operation CYA has begun. Stay tuned.

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I don't think Maciocia is that 'snakey' as you put it. I think he's just not that bright when talking to media. He's a lot like Taman that way. Taman was never a bad guy. He's still not. He just talks too much, too honest with the media (like when he leaked HIS OWN Karikari deal back in 2006). he's too nice for the business. Can't properly assess a depth chart, etc.

I don't think it's a question of character so much as a question of competence. I could be wrong.

DM is basically saying the same thing about the coaches as the posters here are saying.
Should a GM say those things publicly. No. In fact I have no idea why he is even doing media on players. That should fall to Khari in my mind. Far too Popp like.