Partial stadium opening for Labour Day

Contractor aims for partial stadium opening for Labour Day

By Matthew Van Dongen

[b]The builder of Hamilton's delay-plagued football stadium has applied to allow limited fan access to the facility in time for Labour Day football.

The city's building department received an application for partial occupancy Wednesday morning, said city spokesperson Mike Kirkopoulos, triggering an inspection that is expected to take five days.

The application proposes to allow public use of the east side of the stadium and the lower bowl on the west side, but those plans could be modified over the coming days as construction continues.

Kirkopoulos said the application was made "based on what (the contractor) feels certain of what will be approved for occupancy."

He said there will be "clarity" around the success of the application early next week, adding public safety remains the paramount concern.

A public update on when Hamilton's long-delayed football stadium will open is scheduled for Tuesday — just five days before the Tiger-Cats are supposed to play a Labour Day game in the new facility.

But it remains unclear how soon the public — and thousands of fans who have already purchased game tickets — will learn where the Sept. 1 game will be played.

The agenda for an Aug. 26 Pan Am subcommittee meeting lists updates from city staff, the stadium contractor, Ontario Sports Solutions and the provincial agency overseeing construction, Infrastructure Ontario.[/b]

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My tickets are upper west side. I guess I’ll get an option for a refund (again)?

Think this is the final straw for me. I've been patient and haven't got a refund for any games yet. Saw every game at Mac. But now, I can't go because I won't have my seat. I'll be asking for a full refund for my seasons.

What a joke!

I am in the upper west side too and I will not accept a refund. I will be going to this game with my ticket one way or another. Even if they have to find me another seat!

No way in hell I am missing the Labor Day Classic and they very first game at THF (albeit unfinished).

This is going to be interesting in the next couple days how the ticats sort this mess out.

its a debacle......................................

Just checked on Ticketmaster , there are/were 24 seats showing for sale on the east side .......better get em quick ..... lol

wonder if theres room for all season ticket holders in the seats that will be open.

Ummm ..if you saw everygame at mac you used your tickets what are you supossed to be refunded for?

[b]The application proposes to allow public use of the east side of the stadium and the lower bowl on the west side[/b]
that leaves us out. :( :( :(

I am in the same situation as DogsFan... We were refunded 30 dollars a game for our seats at THF and we paid 21 dollars for our ticket at MAC so we need to be refunded $9 bucks a game. $27 total.

Oh ok gotcha .. I had no idea there was a price thing going on

He probably got a credit on his account and tickets for McMaster games paid for out of that. Remember, Ticats gave ticket holders a 30% discount on McMaster tickets so I'm sure he has some $$$ coming back. The ticketing department must be swamped, show them some patience.

This is a good question.
It very well could be possible for every STH to get a seat,
Or very close to it.

I really don't think they will alienate their premium seat holders and STH's that are in the upper west stands if they only get approval for the east side and lower west bowl. I think they will probably have to hold a lottery of some sort to deal with the limited amount of seats. It's going to be a big mess.

My word, can't we wait a little bit to find out the team's plan? THEN if one doesn't like it- "It's COMPLAINING time."*

*With apologies to The Thing.

Also on the upper west side myself. I wouldn't say I'm pissed off at this decision. If they can get any part of this stadium open, it is better than nothing. Just cuz I can't go, doesn't mean others shouldn't be able to. Moreso, I'm just pissed off at my bad luck than anything.

There's the possibility of re-allocating all seats to season seat holders but I'm not sure that season seat holders have any more right to a seat than individual seat holders. Assuming there'd be a bunch of people though that aren't bothered about going to a half finished stadium or have lost interest in a 1-6 team, they should offer a full refund to anybody who wants it and re-allocate any refunds they receive to upper west side seasons holders.

Mathew Van Dongen of the spec. is saying now ,the east side and lower bowl on the west side opening for LD Is a worst case scenario and the application may change to allow more seats to open up as construction continues.

Please, please, please I hope this "partial opening" fails. Either open the stadium when all seats can be accessed or forget about it. What a disaster this "season from hell" is becoming.....on and off the field. :cry:

Yikes. Another refund for me, I guess.

I have 2 seasons tickets but I can not attend because I had my right hip replaced. For me I have lost some interest in the team and add the stadium sh&% show and what else can I say. Thank God for Bob Young and his staff, I seriously doubt anyone else would put up with this incompetence. Oh wait a minute Ontarians do because they vote Liberal. I don’t buy any of the excuses because Ottawa built their stadium in the same exact conditions.